#PoetryReadathon – A Haiku Perspective 2017 by Annette Rochelle Aben

Poetry readathon

Today I am sharing a review of a delightful collection of poems by Annette Rochelle Aben. Annette shares poetry on her blog which you can find here: https://annetterochelleaben.wordpress.com/

What Amazon says

One woman’s observations of life told using the ancient format of haiku. You’ll smile, nod in agreement and be touched to your soul by the deeper meanings of simple words. Enjoy the word pictures created by a woman whose life is filled with poetry!

My review

A Haiku Perspective 2017 is a book of poetry, mainly tanka and haiku poems with a sprinkling of lovely and longer free style poetry, by Annette Rochelle Aben. I have read a few of Aben’s books and find them to be uplifting and filled with positive energy which I think is a great thing. This little book is the same as the others in that it is packed with inspiring messages wrapped up in delightful verses.

There are poems that will make you smile, or even raise a giggle, such as this short extract:

“Picnics make us smile

Thank an ant today

Set out a few extra crumbs

They like picnics too!”

from World Gratitude Day (9-21)

There are some delightfully descriptive poems which bring a new level of visual wonderment to an every day event or thing, such as this lovely little description:

“Dance among the stars

Wearing moonbeams as slippers.”

from Air Abesque

And then there are the inspiration and uplifting poems that put you in a good mood for the rest of your day, like this poem”

“It’s that moment when

You find the strength to say yes

To being happy

And in that moment

You accept the ownership

Of your own future”

from Dawn of Time

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