An exciting day

I am a little behind on my blog as the last two days have been very busy and overwhelming. I aim to catch up with you all as fast as possible.

I attended the annual Deal Makers Awards evening in Sandton, Johannesburg last night and my firm, KPMG Inc, won four awards in the category of reporting accountant. I am very proud of my team and all the other people who worked so hard to complete various deals and transactions during 2018. We came first for deal value in the general corporate finance category and joint first for transaction flow in the general corporate finance category.

Dealmakers 2

Dealmakers 1

This is the official picture of the team.

This morning I also discovered that this blog, robbiesinspiration, has been nominated for the best book blog at the Annual Bloggers Bash, 2019. Thank you to the blogger who nominated this blog, I am very honoured and delighted.

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Nominee Best Book Blog

I hope the rest of my week continues as well especially as I have my birthday coming up on Friday and Greg’s sweet 16th coming up on Sunday.



Who is the most evil character in the Harry Potter book series?


Sally Cronin from Smorgasbord blog is running a lovely series called posts from your archives. Her idea is that she will share posts written by various bloggers when their blogs were new and their following was small. It is an opportunity for bloggers to share these posts again to a new audience. You can read the most recent post here:

I forgot that Sally was looking for posts about family and looked for four posts that I thought were interesting and warranted re-sharing. I found this one about who the most evil character in the Harry Potter book series is and, seeing it is not about family and I spent so much time sifting through my old posts, I thought I would share it again today.

My older son asked me yesterday “Mom, who do you think is the most evil character in the Harry Potter book series?” I didn’t give my reply much thought at all “Well, it must be Lord Voldemort!” – he is the fascist-styled leader of a group of evil witches and wizards in the books and the mastermind behind the plot to rid the world of non-magical people, or Muggles, as they are called in the book.

“Are you sure?” asked Greg, aged 13 and three quarters. “Lord Voldemort is evil but he isn’t the character that disturbs me the most.” In Greg’s world, he has a list of the three most evil characters in the world of Harry Potter. Lord Voldemort appears on the list – as number three! So who could possibly be worse? “I really don’t like Bellatrix Lestrange.” I thought about that, yes, Bellatrix is a truly evil witch, Lord Voldemort’s most loyal follower and the one who is instrumental in carrying out his plans. Bellatrix is very happy to torture and murder anyone who stands in the path to glory and dominance for her Master. “She’s my number 2.” Number 2, I gasped in amazement – who could possibly be worse. I wracked my brain to think who could fit the most evil bill; it has been a while since I read Harry Potter.

Finish reading this post here:

#SOCS – Yawn

Linda’s prompt for today’s SOCS post is yawn. You can join in here:

I have come to realise that I am easily bored.

My mind never seems to slow down or rest. Even at night I often wake up with an idea in my head that I have to get up and write down or it will be gone by the morning. I have always been like this although, in the past, it was programmes and music for my spinning classes, or other artistic ideas that came into my mind during the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes I think my mind is a like a wave, endlessly moving up and down the beach of my life.

When I am bored, I can stop yawning and I can’t make my mind think. It floats away on a sea of fluffy pink ideas and I have to keep forcing it back to the task at hand. Fortunately, this only happens to me at work when the task I am performing is “old hat” to me and I don’t really need to think about it. I hate repetitive tasks and I hate preparing templates to help other people understand my work. It is immeasurably boring for me after doing the same job, in slightly varying forms, for twenty plus years.

I would not have lasted in my job for all these years if it didn’t have plenty of exciting projects resulting in lots of working weekends and late evenings. The projects provide the excitement I thrive on and are always challenging as I try to fit the regulations to accommodate the specific requirements of the project. It is lots of fun and I never yawn during those times. I occasionally have a tantrum when the stress becomes overwhelming but that is to be expected, don’t you think?

After all, we are people and not machines.

I find writing very challenging. It never makes me yawn and neither does editing and re-writing. In fact, developmental editing comments fill me with enthusiasm and keep me awake at night as I re-write scenes in my head, incorporating the advice I’ve received.

What makes you yawn? Do you like editing and re-writing?

Alternating reading with your child

It is the second Wednesday of the month and I am over at Writing to be read with a post about Alternating reading with your child. Thank you Kaye Lynne Booth for this great initiative.

Writing to be Read

Growing bookworks 2

When my son, Michael, was in Grade 2 at school we discovered that he had an audio processing problem and this was inhibiting his ability to read fluently. It took Michael longer to read a book or perform an activity in class than his peers and his teacher was concerned about his ability to cope in Grade 3. The work load increased significantly when the children moved from the pre-prep (ages 5 to 8 years) to the prep school (ages 9 to 13 years) and they needed to work faster in order to keep up.

I was more concerned about my son’s mental well-being and confidence. I had noticed that my little boy was becoming withdrawn and reserved. I took him for a series of test by a child psychologist and together we decided that Michael would benefit from a remedial school. We enrolled Michael at a good remedial school…

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