My Christmas cake recipe and a lovely post about my Sir Chocolate books

I have been busy since late October preparing my Christmas cakes. I bake them in late October and pour a small amount of brandy onto them each week until I marzipan them in late November. I did that last weekend. I iced two of my seven Christmas cakes this weekend. I have a Christmas fairy theme this year.


Snowflake fairy Christmas cake


Christmas tree fairy cake

Christmas Cake Recipe


250 grams currants
240 grams sultana
200 grams mixed berries
240 grams raisins
120 grams mixed peel
180 grams chopped cherries
300 grams cake flour
pinch salt
2.5 ml mixed spice
2.5 ml cinnamon
300 grams softened butter
300 grams sticky brown sugar
30 ml lemon zest
6 eggs, lightly beaten
45 ml brandy


Preheat the oven to 140 degrees Celsius. Double line the cake tin with thick baking paper.
Beat the sugar and butter in an electric mixer. Add the lemon zest. Add the eggs, beating in one at a time.

In a separate bowl mix the dried fruit, spices, salt cherries and flour. Add the egg mixture
and mix well. Lastly, pour in the brandy and combine.

Scoop the mixture into the baking tin and level with the back of a spoon. Wrap a layer of tin foil around the base of the baking tin and place in the oven. Bake for +- 3 hours.

A lovely post about my Sir Chocolate books

A huge thank you to blogger, John Rieber, who has shared an amazing post about Michael and my Sir Chocolate books. John has a lovely site and shares about all sorts of fascinating things like interesting food, places he has visited, books, movies and pop culture. Do pop over and read his post and have a look around while you are there:

78 thoughts on “My Christmas cake recipe and a lovely post about my Sir Chocolate books

  1. Great post and I love your Christmas cakes. One of the psychiatrists I worked with, who loved to cook and bake, used to make Christmas puddings and cakes for her family, and she would also keep imbibing them with brandy over time. She used a syringe to make sure they were well and truly soaked. I remember she had kept some spare ones and had kept at it for a year, so they must have been quite dangerous! Congratulations on both!

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  2. I love these whimsical Christmas fairy cakes, Robbie. They’re so beautiful that it almost makes me want to write a sequel to the Thistledown story. I’m sure the cake is as delicious as it is lovely too. Kudos on the feature story. Clicking over now. Hugs on the wing!

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