Sir Chocolate and the Graffiti artists – A Christmas story

I am over at Writing to be Read with a new Sir Chocolate Christmas story called Sir Chocolate and the graffiti artists which was inspired by a prompt from Charli Mills. Thank you to Kaye Lynne Booth for hosting me.

Writing to be Read

Growing bookworks 2

It was two nights before Christmas, a cold and cloudy day

When the Roundy Twins thought of a new idea for play

Into Sir Chocolate’s Chocolatier, the naught pair snuck

And found his sweet decorating tools; for them a bit of luck


They spent the long winter’s evening, having a lot of fun

And admired their handiwork, when they were quite done

They had painted the town with Sir Chocolate’s edible-paint

The tubes were all empty, they had painted without restraint

20160221_171929 (2)

Pictures and graffiti adorned every house in town’s walls

They’d been to the local market and sprayed all the stalls

And the stage in the park, was full of paint and a mess

The twins were shocked at how it looked, I must confess

They felt some remorse, the annual play was on Christmas Eve

They’d painted all the props, not one did they miss and leave

Now that…

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15 thoughts on “Sir Chocolate and the Graffiti artists – A Christmas story

  1. It’s a delightful story, Robbie! Such fun to see your imagination at work. The cakes are amazing. The one with the tubes of paint tickles my fancy (and reminds me that I need to find time to get back into painting!). Hugs on the wing.

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