Day 4 of the Sir Choc book tour – learn to make a cute cow

Day 4 of the 4Will Publishing blog tour was hosted by author, Lisa Kirazian. Thank you, Lisa.

This post includes step-by-step instructions on how to make the cute cows featured in my fourth Sir Choc book, Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River story and cookbook.

You can read the post here:

About Lisa Kirazian

Lisa Kirazian

Lisa Kirazian writes fiction, plays, screenplays, and also directs for stage and screen.

Her writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Performing Arts Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune and in many other publications. She is in demand as a speaker and has been a guest on KPBS/NPR Public Radio and at various conferences. Lisa has also edited and written introductions for a variety of Audie-award winning audiobooks. Lisa is a graduate of Stanford University.

Several of her screenplays have placed in major competitions and festivals. More than a dozen of her stage plays have been produced across the U.S. and have won numerous awards, including a few publications. She also directed and wrote the adapted screenplay of the short film, “Reflection Day.”

Her novels include Bravura, Appassionato, and Cadenza, the three books of “The Music We Made” series, inspired by her experience as a violinist. The series is also being developed for television.

You can find Lisa Kirazian’s books on Amazon here:


23 thoughts on “Day 4 of the Sir Choc book tour – learn to make a cute cow

  1. To me, cows are cute only if Robbie makes them so.

    I’m happy to meet Lisa here. Many of us write fiction, but not all attempt screenwriting. This caught my eye: “Several of her screenplays have placed in major competitions and festivals.” Brava to you, Ms. Kirazian! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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