#Carrotranch – flash fiction challenge: Carrot cake

My nephews came for a “sleep over” this weekend and, after I saw Charli’s flash fiction prompt words of carrot cake, I decided to make this treat with them. The cakes didn’t come out quite as expected but they still tasted delicious.

“Why is my cake sunken in the middle, Auntie Robbie?”

“Well, Ben, did you follow the recipe properly? Tell me what you put into the cake.”

“I put all the things on the list in, and I measured them carefully just like you said I should. Oh, and I put an extra teaspoon of baking powder in so that it would be sure to rise nicely.”

“You have answered your own question, Ben. An extra spoon of a raising agent will make your cake sink in the middle. Baking is a science. You have to follow the recipe exactly.”

We filled up the “hole” with lashings of cream cheese icing and no-one was the wiser.

You can join in Charli’s challenge here: https://carrotranch.com/2018/03/16/march-15-flash-fiction-challenge/


72 thoughts on “#Carrotranch – flash fiction challenge: Carrot cake

  1. It sounds like you had a great time with your nephews, Robbie. The fact that “baking is a science” is precisely why I’ve never been good at it. You have to be exact with measurements and instructions, and I always seem to goof something up, LOL!

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    1. My son Greg likes carrot cake and hummingbird cake (they are similar except one uses carrot and one uses banana). My son, Michael, and my husband like chocolate and my parents like vanilla. We get to try them all.


  2. Hi Robbie, baking is a science, I like it. People try different recipes and come up with perfect ones, there’s no point to alter to make it “better.” Perfect story for your nephews’ sleep over.

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  3. Lovely cake. I guess it’s always a temptation to try and make something better by adding something extra… The story put me in mind of one of my books and I was going to threaten you with a copy of my book ‘I Love Your Cupcakes’ that I think you might find quite funny, but I know you have plenty to read already. 😉

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      1. Thanks, Robbie. I must say I love the audiobook version (Gwyn does a great job). I hope you enjoy it, although I’m sure you’ll be horrified by the baking parts! ♥

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      1. Thank you very much Robbie!No problem, the idea counts. 😉 From South Africa to the last village in Germany i think only a pancake could arrive. Its a pleasure to see your art. Have a good day. Michael

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