Sir Stealthy and the jewelry thieves – a short rhyming verse story for the Bloggers Bash Competition

Sir Stealthy is Britain’s most remarkable spy,

He’s really good and that’s no lie,

He lives on an island in the middle of the sea,

He has a castle, a garden and an apple tree.


He has a top-of-the-range dojo in his home,

It’s padded from the floor to the dome,

He works out there every day,

He’s has very big muscles, I must say.


In another room he has his inventions,

His car has some fantastic extensions,

In it he can drive on water or fly,

Just like an aeroplane in the sky.



His phone’s special cameral is really cool,

It’s infra-red zooming feature, a fantastic tool,

He can take a photo, night or day,

It will be crystal clear from a mile away.


He has a sidekick with the name of Mike,

Who is also strong and rides a bike,

Sir Stealthy and Mike make a great team,

And are good at fighting criminals it would seem.


One night Sir Stealthy could not sleep,

So he decided out of his castle to creep,

And go for a walk along the beach,

And see if a sleepy state he could reach.


Whilst past a steep cliff he was walking,

He thought he heard faint sounds of talking,

At the top of the cliff he saw two shapes,

It looked like men wearing long back capes.


Sir Stealthy stopped and had a look,

He zoomed in with his phone and a photo took,

The men appeared to be digging a hole,

A really deep one seemed to be their goal.


“It’s rather odd”, Sir Stealthy said,

It’s late at night and people are in bed.

He strained his eyes, but to his dismay,

He couldn’t see much, they were too far away.


Feeling quite tired, back to bed he went,

And in a deep sleep the rest of the night spent,

The next morning over breakfast and tea,

In the newspaper an interesting article did see.


It seemed a robbery had taken place,

The police had opened a jewellery theft case,

Queen Drama had lost her jewels,

To sneaky thieves that broke the rules.



The police did not have any clues,

Except a foot print from one thief’s shoes,

Sir Stealthy though, had a thought,

About how the thieves could be caught.


He drew a copy of the foot print,

And off he went without one hint,

Of what he had seen and planned to do,

If the footprints on the cliff matched the clue.


Up the cliff Sir Stealthy and Mike toiled,

While below them the ocean boiled,

Right at the top they found a dug-up patch,

And a footprint that the drawing did match.



The men had finished their job and left the scene,

They’d left everything neat and clean,

That was their intention to be sure,

They left thinking their treasure was secure.


Sir Stealthy and Mike began to dig,

Until they hit something wooden and big,

They worked hard and dug out a box,

Well hidden under the dirt and rocks.


What do you think in the box they found?

Jewels so lovely they do astound,

With their beautiful colours and flashes of gold,

They would be worth a fortune, if sold.


Queen Drama was delighted to have her jewels back,

And impressed by Sir Stealthy’s investigative knack,

The police were able to catch the crooks,

Which they identified by their frightful looks.


On Sir Stealthy’s photo their faces showed well,

Which made it easy for the police to tell,

Once through the police data base they’d sieved,

Exactly who the culprits were and where they lived.


In the end the identifications were made,

And the thieves were caught and for their crimes paid,

By going to jail for a very long while,

In a place where the weather is very hostile.


Sir Stealthy and Mike on the other hand,

A lovely holiday sat down and planned,

With the money they received as a reward,

They treated themselves to the best they could afford.


By Robbie and Michael Cheadle

This short rhyming verse story is our entry for the Bloggers Bash Competition. You can learn more about it here:


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