Robbie’s Inspiration – Poems about Waiting

Fellow blogger and poet, Smitha Vishwanath, wrote a lovely poem about waiting. At the time of writing, she was waiting for the results of medical tests which have subsequently come back and alleviated her anxiety. You can read Smitha’s post here:

Smitha’s words reminded me of my own times of waiting for answers in hospitals subsequent to various tests and procedures my two sons have undergone over the years.

I wrote a poem called Waiting for an Answer about Son # 1’s numerous medical procedures and interventions.

I decided to recite both poems and share them with you to consider.

What are your thoughts about waiting for test results and post operative feedback? Or are you one of the fortunate few who have never been in this position?

Waiting – the antonym for living by Smitha Vishwanath

You can learn more about Smitha Vishwanath here:

Waiting for an answer by Robbie Cheadle

Another circumstance which involves a lot of anxious waiting is during war. This poem is by an unknown poet and relates to the shelling of Ladysmith during the Second Anglo Boer War in South Africa.

The Borough of Ladysmith was Shelled on November 2, 1899. (Anonymous)

All within the leagured Bobs,

Calm and peaceful as of yore,

Sat the people silently waiting

The dread cannon’s awful roar.


Overhead the sun was shining,

All serene the landscape lay.

Waiting for the great disturbance

All expected on that day.


Then broke forth a voice of thunder –

With the shock the air was rent –

Overhead there came a something –

Instantly every head was bent.


Part a whistle – part a howling –

Part a scream. And part a yell –

Then a shock – a noise of bursting.

’Twas the “murmur of the shell”.

67 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Poems about Waiting

  1. I’ve had that experience too many times with waiting in the hospital to meet with the doctor to pronounce thumbs-up or thumbs-down on whether my loved one was going to live. If I hadn’t had my husband, I never would have gotten through those heartrending times.

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  2. Sometimes the anxiety of waiting is alleviated by the news, Robbie, and sometimes not. You’ve done that waiting many times with your boys. They are both fine young men now.

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  3. Lots of waiting for test results in my family. Even when the waiting ends, there’s the next one coming on. The solution becomes coming to terms with waiting. “Waiting for Godot”–there’s a good solution.

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  4. A lovely and moving post, Robbie. Smitha’s poem was so relatable. Time does seem to slow down when we’re waiting and speed up when we want it to last. I remember your poem from your book, and can’t imagine how hard that was to wait for answers and relief. And I appreciated your share of the Anonymous poem about shelling. Thanks so much for adding your reading as well. ❤

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  5. They all capture beautifully the anxious wait, especially for feedback of this kind. The worst part of it is not being able to do anything and feeling that things are out of your control. I think that, given time, most people will have been in that position at one point or another. Let’s hope the news is always good. Thanks for sharing such powerful and moving poems, Robbie, and I’m happy Smitha’s news is good.

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