The Invasion, a poem

Diana from Myths of the Mirror blog has a writing challenge underway. You can find it here:

Poets and writers are challenged to write a poem or story about their TBR. I have used poetic license and written a poem about how my TBR came into existence.

The Invasion by Robbie Cheadle

A loud aggressive ring

brought me fast to the door

I opened it innocently

not knowing the score


A long line of books

stood like soldiers of yore

each flashing it’s title

like a banner of war


“We’re looking for sanctuary”

declared Orwell, leader of all

“You’re a lover of books

so we’re paying you a call.”


“But I’ve simply no room”

I replied with a gasp

“We’ll make a plan, dear”

And they quickly marched past.


Up the corridor they tramped

Into my library, so full

“Wake up and make room”

Orwell roared like a bull.


Shakespeare, Hardy, and Austen

Regarded him with distain

“You’re ‘cleared out’ trash!

You may not remain.”


“Now don’t be unkind,

you’re also not new.

We’ve been disregarded

and we’re in quite a stew.”


“Fine, we’ll move forward

and you go in behind”

Before I could stop them

my shelves were redesigned.


What a fabulous sight

to see the outcasts stowed

It filled my heart with delight

‘though the shelves overflowed.


And that was the start

of my sanctuary for books

Some people find it strange

and give me odd looks


“Books are inanimate

They can’t speak to you”

What nonsense they talk

If only they knew.


145 thoughts on “The Invasion, a poem

  1. Hooray! Robbie, I love your sanctuary for all the books – a wonderful and clever story/poem! We really have no choice when the books take over our shelves, rather sit back and relish all the reading ahead! 😀📖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Annika, thank you, I am delighted you enjoyed this poem. I have books everywhere in my house. They are in piles because I take them off the shelves and look at things in them and leave them for future reference. Poor hubby just about has to climb over them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He would never move my books, Annika. He knows I have an alphabetic system for my book shelves and wouldn’t dare to try and return anything to its proper place, poor man. I moan terribly if people put books on shelves because with so many, I can’t find them if my system is messed up.


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