Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet Leon Stevens and book review

My Treasuring Poetry article today features poet, artist, and writer, Leon Stevens. Do come over and learn about his thoughts on poetry and read my review of his excellent book, Lines by Leon. Thank you for hosting, Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

Today, I am delighted to host artist, poet and author, Leon Stevens.

Leon Stevens

Which of your own poems is your favourite?

Wow. Starting off with the hardest question…I have written about many aspects of my existence, but I think some of the poems about ego and human nature are my attempt at understanding why people act the way they do. I still don’t get why some people are jerks.

Ego (Part II)

An ego is a big cat

That needs to be stroked

By you or someone else

Smaller cats are easy to please

And the bigger the cat

The more dangerous it is

To rub the wrong way

What inspired you to write this particular poem?

I wrote a series of poems about ego after spending some time observing how people interact with each other as individuals jockey for position within a group. While they do that, they seek affirmation…

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12 thoughts on “Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet Leon Stevens and book review

      1. Nurture, not nature. I agree. There are those few kids who were born a certain way (I’ll use the example of a hero, just to be positive) and nothing–not even nurture–will change that.

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