Growing Bookworms: Handwriting skills for children, Part 2

I am over at Writing to be Read with my monthly Growing Bookworms post. This month I am sharing strategies for improving writing. Thank you to Kaye Lynne Booth for hosting me.

Writing to be Read

Last month, I discussed the reasons why handwriting is still important for both children and adults. You can read that post here:

Today, I am going to focus on strategies to improve handwriting.

The age of the child determines the best strategies for improving handwriting.

For a beginner writer in the early grades, the following strategies are useful to help children practice their handwriting and gain confidence with writing:

Make handwriting fun

There are a few ways you can make practicing handwriting more fun. You can give your child a fun or special pencil to use to practice writing. A stripped one or a pencil covered in flowers or cars. You can also play simple games that involve writing like hangman, word puzzles and anagrams.

I started writing the Sir Chocolate series of books with Michael to help him improve his handwriting. He used to write out the stories…

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13 thoughts on “Growing Bookworms: Handwriting skills for children, Part 2

    1. Hi Jacqui, I do believe these tips, especially making it fun, help a lot. Michael still writes. Every now and then he dives into his book that he is writing. It’s a bit on and off but he is making progress. I get to edit his efforts.

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  1. I do wonder about handwriting and children, Robbie. I love the photos of your sons. Painting t-shirts is a great idea for a birthday party. I see how the concept of “fun” is used throughout this post. Thank you for sharing great information. I wish the ‘fun factor’ had been emphasized years ago for children struggling with writing.

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    1. Hi Erika, I hadn’t really notice that, but it is how I’ve always tried to be with my boys. We always had so much fun. I used to do things with them – climb right into the sandpit and build a plane from sand, or bake with them. Lots of mess, but so worth it.

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