Contemporary versus classic books for children

I am over at Writing to be Read with a post about contemporary versus classic books for children. I would love to know your thoughts on this topic. Thank you to Kaye Lynne Booth for hosting me.

Writing to be Read

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I have read a lot of children’s books. Some I read to myself as a girl and others I read to my sons, nephews and nieces and the children who attended our local Sunday school, over the past sixteen years. Many of the books I have read over the past six teen years are contemporary fiction which is defined as a fictional book (events, settings, characters etc. described are not real) set in contemporary times (modern times).

A few examples of popular contemporary fiction book series for children I can think of are Horrid Henry written by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross, Winnie the Witch written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by Korky Paul and the Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus series written by Rick Riordan. All of these books share the common characteristic that they are set in our modern world and the main…

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21 thoughts on “Contemporary versus classic books for children

      1. Thank you, Michael. I learned a bit when I did some research for this post. I have always thought contemporary books where those written within the last twenty years, but the definition is post WWII books.


  1. My 12 year old granddaughter was just bemoaning the other day that books supposedly for her(she is a very advanced reader and an avid one) have the same problem I had TMI. She also dislikes books with kids dying. She says there are too many problem books and not enough interesting ones. I think she means like the classics. She recently picked up Austen again after being discouraged by the selection of books for her age.

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    1. Reading Austin at 12 years old is good going although it might be a bit slow for her. I remember reading all the Pollyanna books, all the Anne of Green Gables book and all the Emily of New Moon books at that age and absolutely loving them.

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  2. Great explanation on the differing children’s books
    Robbie. I agree, many kids are on overdrive because they’re used to watching fast-paced action shows on TV. The classics are classic for all children. 🙂

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