#Bookreview #Poetryreadatho: Short & not always Sweet by Dorinda Duclos

Poetry readathon

Meet Dorinda Duclos

Dorinda is a poetess, one who thrives in the darkness, and seeks out the shadows in the light. She writes, because it is her escape from reality, a chance to release the passion she holds in her being.

Dorinda is a member of the Poetry Society of America and the Academy of American Poets. She was also involved in “Poets for Peace”, a collaboration of poems from poets around the world. This collaboration is now archived in the ‘Stanford University Archive’ of the ‘100,000 Poets for Change’ collection!

A wife and mother of two, Dorinda makes her home in northern New Jersey, surrounded by wildlife, and nature’s beauty, all inspiration for her poetry.

You can find some of Dorinda’s lovely poetry here: https://dorindaduclos.com/

What Amazon says

Imagine yourself being lost in a faraway land, or sailing on a pirate ship. Perhaps you’ll find yourself in a predicament, or a romantic rendezvous. From passages to longer, more detailed stories, these are writings that are sure to capture your imagination and evoke emotions, from sadness, to madness, to happiness and beyond.

My review

Short & Not Always Sweet is an unexpected treat of a book which is a bit liking dipping into a box of delicious chocolates. It comprises of a variety of stories, some a couple of hundred words and others a couple of pages, all of which are different and interesting.

The author touches on numerous different aspects of life and human experience and delves deeply into emotions and feelings which she expresses in words that stay with you and make you think. A few examples of these descriptions are as follows;
“I remembered your eyes, those deep, brooding greys, the ones that sparkled, even though no light touches them.” from Those Eyes.

Some of the stories cut deeply into the worst of human nature:
“When the red roses arrived at her desk on Valentine’s Day, she purposely pricked her finger, watching the blood ooze. She licked the red liquid, savoring the flavor.” from Desperate Obligations.
“How hideous, she thought, that they should bring a child to my death. Here she was, about to meet her demise, in a way not even suited for a pig.”

There are others that describe the best that nature has to offer us:
“She awakens me with the soft colours of the dawn. Pastel shades that paint the skies, then fade away, giving life to a more vibrant palette.” from The Cry of the Mourning Dove.

Others illustrate the best of human nature:
”Thank you for showing such compassion. We dropped our young one into the water when we saw you in the field. We have heard so much negativity, we wanted to test it for ourselves.”

This is a lovely book for people looking for quick and entertaining short stories and pieces of flash fiction.

Purchase Short & not always Sweet: Short Stories, Passages & Poetic Prose


49 thoughts on “#Bookreview #Poetryreadatho: Short & not always Sweet by Dorinda Duclos

  1. Robbie, a beautiful and thoughtful review of Dorinda’s book. You pick out various excerpts with skill, highlighting the range of topics and emotions. I love your description of the book as ‘a bit liking dipping into a box of delicious chocolates.’ Just perfect!

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  2. The book sounds intriguing with pleasant and not so pleasant emotions – depicting varying shades of human nature. Your description of ‘ a bit like dipping into a box of chocolates,’ is extremely tempting and says a lot about the book. Lovely review Robbie.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I can’t thank you enough for this lovely review, Robbie! I didn’t realize you thought it was just a poetry book. I decided to extend some of Sue Vincent’s writephoto prompts. I enjoyed doing so, and will probably do it again! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I read a lot of flash fiction, and much of it is lacking because the human connection, the emotional truth of the moment, just isn’t there. It sounds as though the human connection I look for is very much in evidence in Dorinda’s collection?

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