Robbie’s Inspiration – Sunday Stills: Pastels and Tanka Tuesday

Terri from Second Wind Leisure Perspectives blog provided the picture prompt for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge this week. It is the gorgeous white day lily below. I have written two contrasting shadorma poems (3/5/3/3/7/5) for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge and included some pastel pictures for Terri’s pastels challenge.

The Dancer

Pale dancer




Alongside bright companions

Fades into nothing

By Robbie Cheadle

* Most commercial daylilies possess no fragrance

The Bride


In bridal attire


Lace edgings

Her day to outshine them all

In ivory splendor

By Robbie Cheadle

Dark skinned fairy in a pale yellow dress, hat and shoes.
One of the Ice Cream Rainbow Fairies in pale yellow
A pale skinned fair in a pale peach dress, hat and shoes.
One of the Rainbow Ice Cream Fairies in pastel peach
Art deco rose cake with pale pink roses edged with black
Art deco rose cake with pastel pink roses
Pale pink arum lily
Arum lily in pastel pink

76 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Sunday Stills: Pastels and Tanka Tuesday

  1. These are delightful shadorma, Robbie. I knew you would love that form! I love all your pastel photos, as well. The only lily I know that smells is called the Star Gazer lily. It’s too cloying for me. Some of these Easter lilies sold in the U. S. also have a strange scent. Most of my day lilies (my favorites) don’t have a scent.

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    1. Hi Colleen, the day lilies in my garden, none of which are white or ivory, also don’t have a scent. I looked it up and it seems that most of them no longer have a scent because of hybridization. I do like this poetry form, it is punchy.


  2. I love this style of poetry, Robbie, not easy to compose, I’m sure, but it packs a punch with its simplicity! In years past, the churches would procure lilies with no stamens because of the allergy factor–who wants to hear sneezing during the Easter services? LOL! I do love their fragrance–I love any strong florals. Well done on the pastel fondant figures–I marvel when I see the detail you put into these delightful figures! I really appreciate your sharing for Sunday Stills and Tanka Tuesday–those double-dip challenges are fun and a great time-saver, right? Have a great week!

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  3. I like them both, especially the bride. Is that your artwork, the lily drawing? And, of course, the fondant. You are so artistic, all around. I hope you and your family are well and enjoying early Fall.

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      1. Oh! In that case you need to make one. Seriously, Redbubble has mugs exactly like that and you could put a graphic of each of your fondant people/characters onto a mug. Even if you didn’t sell the merchandise, it would be good for marketing.
        I intend to get socks with the Tukti pattern for the Offspring and myself. 😀

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  4. Robbie! I truly am in awe of how multi-talented you are. Poetry, fondant cuteness, and also you’re doing art I saw on social media (oh and photography too!). Thank you for sharing your creativity with us 💗

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  5. Lovely poem and great fondant art. Here we celebrate St. George’s with a rose and a book, and your cake would make the perfect sweet gift. Thanks for sharing your art, Robbie.

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  6. I love those poems, Robbie. I especially like how you equate the daylily to a bride. I always enjoy seeing your fondant creations, they are delightful. I hope you had a great week.

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