A new poetry book : Behind Closed Doors

I am delighted to announce that my new poetry book, Behind Closed Doors, is available on Amazon as an ebook. This book includes some of my cake artworks that were designed to share a specific message about lockdown, overuse of technology, global warming, and plastic pollution.

Behind Closed Doors by [Robbie Cheadle]

The Blurb

What goes on behind closed doors: in the boardroom, after death, in the home, during lockdown, and in nature? This collection of poems, ranging from rhyming verse to twisted nursery rhymes, captures the emotions and thoughts people hide behind the masks they present to the world.

A teaser

You can listen to my poem, Achieving tranquility here:

Amazon US

Robbie Cheadle Amazon Author Page

Cover design and banner designed by Teagan Riordain Geneviene. You can find more of her amazing covers here: https://teagansbooks.com/riordain-cover-designs-portfolio/

Here is an example of one of her other covers that I really love:

Group II. Burning Heart Hand Print

138 thoughts on “A new poetry book : Behind Closed Doors

  1. Many many congrats on your new work of poetry, Robbie. This sounds so good, and since it was written by you, I know it will be. I liked listening to (and watching you read) your poem. Tranquility indeed. HA! 🙂

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