Welcome to Day 1 of the Sir Choc Book tour

I am over at the lovely Rox Burkey’s blog today with the first post in my Sir Chocolate Books tour which showcases the first book in the series, Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries story and cookbook. This post includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a house out of chocolate bars.

You can read the post here: https://roxburkey.com/welcome-to-day-1-of-the-sir-choc-book-tour-bakeandwrite-4willspub-4wp11-rrbc_org-rrbc/

About Rox Burkey

Rox Burkey is half of the fabulous story telling duo Breakfield and Burkey. Together, Breakfield and Burkey have written a number of books, including the Enigma series.

In their own words:

Storytellers Breakfield and Burkey select a relevant technology target in each story and pit good cyber guys against bad cyber guys.

These stories are for the 21st century and combine history, technology, romance, intrigue, and humor set in today’s contemporary time frame.

You can find out more about their books here: https://www.enigmabookseries.com/


39 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 1 of the Sir Choc Book tour

      1. I guess people like to see what’s inside picture books, and it’s nice to have hardcopies for children. What other reasons make it harder, do you think?

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      2. Well, I think it is an on-line marketing issue. Small children are not on-line and so they don’t know about our books. Parents often by a child a book in a store because the child shows and interest in it. On-line marketing only has the parent appeal and not the child pressure, but this is just my opinion. I have sold a lot more of my children’s books at live book shows and through visits to schools that through any social media activities.


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