#Bookreview #Childrensbooks – SECRETS OF THE FAIRIES (PORTAL TO THE LAND OF FAE Book 3)


I came across July Mastrangelo’s beautiful artwork and books quite by accident on Facebook the other day. I was really taken with her imagination and delightful pictures and bought one of her books to investigate further. It certainly met my expectations.

What Amazon says

SECRETS OF THE FAIRIES tells of the hidden world of Elves and Fairies, little known to mortals, You will learn about the amazing goings on in Fairyland, which might be a surprise, yet promises to be a delight. The beautiful art in this book will mesmerize and enthrall all who see it.


Some hidden secrets in the book show elves and fairies in their magical worlds of THE FOUR SEASONS. Her “SPRING SONG” piece depicts a musical singing fairy surrounded by all of her sweet animal friends. Then, in “SUMMER DREAMS,” you will see a very dreamy fairy with her tiny elf and sprites all asleep in their flowers. You will also be invited to visit an exuberant AUTUMN BALLET fairy masquerade ball.  And the lovely WINTER FAIRY will create for you a sparkling, snowy, glittering world. This book also tells of the delightful love life of elves and fairies.  Other secrets are revealed of the tender sweet love of mother fairies and their little ones, such as in her paintings “MOTHER FAIRY’S KISS” and “MY LITTLE ROSEBUD.”

My review

This is a beautifully illustrated book for children which shares the story of the secrets of the fairies in the form of a series of delightfully descriptive paragraphs for each specific thought and secret. Each paragraph is illustrated with its own related fairy picture complimenting the content.

This book reminded me of the famous book, The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshopper’s Feast, which also tells a story in a series of poetic verses, illustrated with magnificent pictures.

The book features a number of different fairies and their secrets, including Fairy Serenade, which tells of a little elf who serenades his fairy love by the light of the moon, Elf Scribe, which features an elf writer who writes beneath his Bell Flower light; My Little Rosebud which shares the story of a mother singing her Rosebud Child to sleep and Christmas Tree Fairy who lives in the World of Childhood Dreams.

The verbiage in this book is fairly sophisticated so caregivers may need to read this book to very young readers and explain certain words and descriptions to them but it is definitely worthwhile to invest the time and share this magical world with a child.

About the author

Judy Mastrangelo has painted her whole life. She has also written and illustrated several books, which include themes of poetry, fairy tales, and fairies. Many wonderful artists of the past were a great influence in her artwork, such as those of the Italian Renaissance, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and Artists of the Golden Age of Illustration, such as Maxfield Parrish and Beatrix Potter. Her books are now published by IMAGINATION BOOKS: https://judymastrangelo.com/portfolio/books/

Judy licenses her artwork in several markets. Many products which use her paintings are available for purchase to the public. Some of these products include wall murals from “MAGIC MURALS,” cross stitch patterns from “HEAVEN AND EARTH DESIGNS,” art for inspirational card decks produced by “US GAMES SYSTEMS Inc.,” and night lights produced by “NIGHT LIGHT DESIGNS”. Many fine art prints of her paintings are available for purchase from amazon.com, art.com, and several other art print companies.

You can see and hear podcasts about Judy’s artwork on YouTube. These include some radio interviews, plus several teaching podcasts about the steps she takes in the creation of her art.

Judy daydreams about her paintings for a while before putting them on canvas. This preliminary technique of “Mind-Painting” helps her to develop an imaginative work of art.

To learn more about her art and products, and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit: www.judymastrangelo.com

Here is Judy’s latest radio blog interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/biteradiome/2019/07/25/portal-to-the-land-of-fae-with-judy-mastrangelo

Find Judy Mastrangelo

Twitter: @JMastrangeloArt

Instagram: jmastrangeloart

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/judymastrangelo/

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