#Interestingliterature – My favourite Roald Dahl books

I love Roald Dahl. He books are slightly dark and they appeal to my sense of humour. They always have. I have Roald Dahl books from when I was a kid.

Some interesting facts about Roald Dahl:

  1. Dahl was named after Roald Amundsen, a fellow Norwegian and the first man to reach the South Pole;
  2. During his school years, the pupils at his school were asked to trial chocolate bars. This is the memory that inspired Charlie and the Chocolate Factory;
  3. Dahl enlisted in the Royal Air Force during WWII;
  4. In September 1940, Dahl received severe injuries to his head, nose and back when his Gladiator crash-landed in the Western Desert; and
  5. Dalh had five children with American actress, Patricia Neal.

Favourite book number 1

The Witches – my sons didn’t like this one, they found it scary. I loved it. I delighted in the creepiness of the witches who are described as evil women who hate children and who are very difficult to spot. There are fundamental differences between witches and women but they go to great pains to hide their bald heads, toeless, square feet, claw-like finger nails, blue spit, eyes that change colour and large nose holes. If you spot a women wearing gloves, with blue tinged teeth and large nose holes, run like mad – she may be a witch.

I liked Grandma who was a very strong and powerful character and the idea of a grand plan to rid the world of all children. I also enjoyed the stories about the disappearances of the children in Norway at the hands of witches. It was all so entertaining and clever.

Favourite book number 2

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – How can you not love a book about chocolate … well …. everything. Charlie and his family are so poor they are on the verge of starvation when Mr Willy Wonka, the eccentric inventor of chocolate delights, decides to run a competition. Five golden tickets are hidden in five Wonka chocolate bars and the finders of the golden tickets will win a tour of the factory and a life-time supply of chocolate. Four of the five winners are the most horrible children imaginable with even more horrible parents. The book features amazing treats, an entire work workforce of tiny little people called Oompa Loompas, a glass elevator that can travel sideways as well as up and down and wickedly humorous poetry.

This is my favourite stanza from a poem about the perils of television from the book:


Favourite book number 3

James and the giant peach – You have to love a story about a neglected and sorrowful little boy, two wicked aunts who get their just desserts, a little man with a bag of magic seeds and a giant peach that gets impaled on the Empire State Building. Roald Dahl has a very wicked sense of humour and the deaths of the aunts who get ironed out on the lawn as flat as pancakes and the naughty descriptions of the American Army officials are really very funny. A strange ship with a crew of enormous insects just has to tickle your fancy. My favourite of the insects was Miss Ladybird, with her kind heart, and the Caterpillar with his many boots. Michael likes this book the best and he thought the scene where the giant spider peeps over the edge of the peach and looks at the Army people below, just about giving them a heart attack with her ferocious looks, was hysterical.

Image result for james and the giant peach

You can read more about Roald Dahl and his books and enjoy all the wonderful illustrations here: https://www.roalddahl.com/roald-dahl/characters/children

Have you read Roald Dahl? Which book is your favourite?


52 thoughts on “#Interestingliterature – My favourite Roald Dahl books

  1. I love Road Dahl’s books, I read them all to the boys …then they read them to me. We love the Twits best of all! Then Matilda the The Giants . I have to say I just don’t like Charlie and Chocolate Factory 💜

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  2. A wonderful review of Road Dahl’s books, Robbie. I’ve read many of them to the students in my classrooms. I also love the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the 2005 version by Johnny Depp. I haven’t seen the 1971 version. I love the music.

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  3. I love Roald Dahl’s books, even his very dark short stories for adults. The BFG is my favourite, then possibly The Twits. But what’s to not like about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Thanks for the memories raised through reading your post.

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  4. Some of my own favourite books in there.. I also enjoyed The Borrowers by Mary Norton, I remember my teacher reading us a chapter before home time each Friday.. I so looked forward to hearing of their adventures.
    Books are essential to capture Children’s imaginations..
    Have a Great Weekend dear Robbie..
    Much LOVE your way ❤

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    1. I also loved The Borrowers series by Mary Norton, Sue. If I remember correctly, she also wrote Bed knobs and broomsticks which was a fabulous book too. Much love to you too. I hope the heat is not so bad now.


  5. I have not read any of his children’s books but I loved the book co written with second wife Felicity “Memories with Food at Gipsy House.” It is full of anecdotes, great recipes and photographs of a terrific garden.

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  6. Great post! I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach so many years ago. I haven’t thought about Dahl in a long time. I’m going to have to go back and re-read them. And I had no idea he was married to Patricia Neal!

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      1. maybe … some don’t retain any info coz they just google it again … they learn about violence, and that you can be immortal in war games … so many dangers 😦

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  7. This is wonderful, Robbie. I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at school’s summer camp every year. His books are some of the best. Your post is outstanding, as it includes facts about Dahl. I had no idea he and Patricia Neal had five children!

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  8. I’ve read all three of these to classes over the years, and enjoy them all, but my go to Roald Dahl book is The BFG. Kids are forever delighted hearing about frobscottle and giant whizzpoppers.


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