#Flashfiction – Carrot Ranch prompt “property values”

Taryn cake

I don’t wear a wedding ring and neither does Mr Fox. I also don’t wear an engagement ring. I was never keen on rings and didn’t care at all about their symbolism. I do have both but I never wear them. Both of my original rings were stolen when my Mother and I were involved in a home invasion about seven years ago. I never wanted to replace either ring but the insurance insisted on a replacement. I very rarely wear the new ring. It doesn’t bring back good memories for me at all.

Charli’s prompt this week made me think of how some women are viewed as possessions by the men in their lives. This, linked with my disregard for rings, led to this 99-word piece:

“But it’s a symbol of love,” he pleaded with her. “The roundness of the ring indicates infinity. It is endless and eternal, just like my love for you.”

“I am not wearing a ring,” she told him firmly. “That is a lovely romantic notion, but it makes me feel like a possession. I will not be someone’s property.”

He never managed to dissuade her from this determined view about rings. He bought her both and she kept them in the safe. Beautiful and expensive, their value could only increase. she would sell them if he ever cheated.

You can join in the prompt here: https://carrotranch.com/2018/05/17/may-17-flash-fiction-challenge/

I made the cake in the picture for a friend’s engagement a few years ago. If you look carefully you will see the ring in the center of a flower.

41 thoughts on “#Flashfiction – Carrot Ranch prompt “property values”

  1. I love your view on “property values” I also agree whole-heartedly! I have a ring that I only wear at work because I deal with the male populace all day and sadly, wearing a ring that says “I belong to someone else” was the only way to get them to leave me alone. 😧

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  2. I wore my wedding and engagement ring for a few weeks after I was married but soon took them off for good as I found that constantly washing my hands, using detergents. working in the garden, etc. meant I was taking them off all the time or getting a soggy ring of skin under them. My husband has never worn his, he doesn’t like any kind of jewelery on men except a watch.

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    1. When we went to Italy, Norah, Terence bought me an Italian puzzle ring. If you take it off, it falls to pieces and only the men know how to put it back together. It was to prevent a woman from cheating and taking off her ring.

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      1. Mmm. That’s interesting. I wonder how this situation between men and women began. I’d love to go back in history and see when men started to think of themselves as superior and women as possessions.

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  3. A most interesting take on the prompt. I had a hard time adjusting to my wedding ring, as I was not used to wearing rings for longer than an evening, for dress-up. My husband used to give me such grief but it was what it was. Now, that ring in a field in Ohio, where I tossed it about 20 years ago.

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