I wrote this poem for my sister, Catherine’s, 40th birthday earlier this year. We are a family of four girls which has led to much laughter, tears and competition over the years. This is the first metaphorical poem that I attempted and it still makes me smile. Cath loves to garden, so I made a cake shaped like a pair of gardening boots filled with flowers for her surprise party.

A sister is …

a thief, stealing attention that is rightfully yours; a port in a storm, when your house of cards falls;
a fountain of knowledge – your problems, not hers; a megaphone whose voice is louder than yours;
an expert on everything you try for the first time; a comedian who’ll dance and make you laugh till you cry;
a cloths horse, specially when she’s borrowed your clothes; a home where your children are always welcome;
a confidant with whom you share secrets and hopes; a purse to help you out of a bind;
a competitor who always shines brighter than you; an advisor when your spirit’s battered and bruised;
a shoulder to cry on when life lets you down; a beauty queen, who’s face is fairer than yours;
a diary of shared memories, the old and the new; a voice of reason, when yours has taken a day off;
a provider of wine, in good times and bad; an embarrassment who recalls your drunken antics;
an artist, who’ll make up your face, if you beg; the best thing anyone could ask for.

By Robbie Cheadle