I love to read and to write poetry. I have always loved these two activities and I can remember sitting, as a girl of twelve, reading Dickens with a dictionary on my lap. I used to use the dictionary often to look up words I didn’t know. The word “countenance” always comes to my mind when I think of this time in my life as this word occurs now and again in Dickens and I didn’t initially know that it was a synonym for “face”.

I also enjoyed writing poetry from a young age. The more elaborately illustrative and decorative the better I thought I had done. I remember sitting, looking out the window, and scribbling verses all about trees in blossom which reminded me of brides (much like Anne in Anne of Green Gables) and beautiful roses and bright and shinning snowflakes. On reflection, I still like to write about these things as is demonstrated by my poems A fairy-tale come true, Wedding fun and The crimson rose.

Some of my unpublished poetry is set out on this page.