You’ll find them everywhere you look;

Quietly observing from every cranny and nook;

Drinking tea with friends in a local tea house;

In a pet store showing the children a mouse;

Cheering on the team at a school hockey match;

In a chicken coop, helping the chicks to hatch;

At the hospital, bringing flowers to a friend;

At a play, watching until the very end;

They take the grandkids overnight;

They help resolve a sibling fight;

They build a pirate island in the sand pit;

They search and find missing soccer kit;

They teach our children not to stare;

And sooth them after a horrid nightmare;

They help us with our daily grind;

To our pressures and stress they are not blind;

They support us through our daily toil;

Although their comments can make the blood boil;

Their selective hearing can be hard to take;

You shout so loud, the dead could wake;

“No need to shout”, they say, “we heard you clearly”;

Sometimes its lucky for them, we love them so dearly;

The dinner is too salty, the cake is to sweet;

“Where did you find such frightfully tough meat”;

Its easier to sit back and let them cook the dinner;

Although watching them makes you feel like a sinner;

And their critisism of our parenting style;

Is enough our delicate feelings to rile;

There are so many positives to their involvement;

You couldn’t possibly bear any resentment;

I salute the moms and dads of the post war generation;

Who changed the world with their determined inspiration.

by Robbie Cheadle