This is a metaphorical poem about a most amazing wedding that I attended.

A wedding is …

a cascading backdrop of white roses, green foliage and lights; a solemn event, when two lives merge and become one;
a splash of happiness along the path of life; a celebration of Faith, God’s wisdom and goodness;
a babble of good cheer and enthusiasm; a mosaic of loved ones forming a pattern of support;
a beautiful bride, swathed in fine lace, tulle and silk; a miraculous joining of two hearts and two souls;
a gathering of groomsman – full of vigour and energy; a passionate sermon, that amazes and uplifts;
a gaggle of bridesmaids – giggling in cream; parents of the bride, keeping a daughter – gaining a son;
an orchestra of sound – soft music, laughter and tears; a melting pot of family and friends – all backgrounds and ages;
a dreamy occasion, full of mystery and delight; a testimony of love and support from grandparents and parents;
a feast for the eyes, the stomach and the soul; a devoted groom, full of promise and youth;
an opportunity to celebrate, dress up and have fun; the meaning of it all – our very reason for being.

By Robbie Cheadle