Treasuring Poetry – Meet multi-genre author and poet, Patricia Furstenberg, and a review #Poetry #writingcommunity #bookreview

My March Treasuring Poetry guest is talented poet and author, Patricia Furstenberg. Patricia Furstenberg is the Spillwords Author of the Year, 2022 and you can read her interview on Spillwords here: Thanks for hosting Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

Today, I am delighted to welcome author and poet, Patricia Furstenberg, as my March Treasuring Poetry guest.

Why do you write poetry?

To me, writing poetry is like being aflâneuse of the literary world.

The history and meaning offlâneuse (with its masculine form,flâneur) derive from the turn of the century, late 19th to early 20th. It defines those men and women who had the time, the inclination, the passion (and the finances, back then) to wonder along the streets of a big city and to observe and be a part of the daily city life. Those who enjoyed taking in the city.

It was after this past holiday, when my family and I covered about 200km on the streets of Romania, in Bucharest and Sibiu, that I learned this expression, flâneuse.

Writing poetry is my reaction to being a flâneuse in a city of words. Writing poetry is like strolling…

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39 thoughts on “Treasuring Poetry – Meet multi-genre author and poet, Patricia Furstenberg, and a review #Poetry #writingcommunity #bookreview

  1. I treasure poetry too, but can only write haiku. (At least I know how to rhyme!)

    Robbie, thank you for introducing me to Patricia and her treasury of poetry. Thanks to her, I also learned the meaning of “flâneuse.” a word I hadn’t heard before.

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  2. Excellent interview, Robbie and Patricia! I have always liked that Robert Frost poem. And I love what Patricia says about how poetry can light up daily life. Yes, it has such a unique way of doing so!

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