Robbie’s Inspiration – Lion Scream is available as an ebook and a new review

I am delighted that Lion Scream is now available as an ebook thanks to the dedicated assistance of Colleen Chesebro from Unicorn Cats Publishing Services.

Click on the cover for Amazon US and the blurb for Amazon UK.

Poet and writer, SmithaV, from Eunoia Blog shared a wonderful review of Lion Scream. Smitha shares beautiful poetry on her blog, as well as delightful and insightful posts about her life in India and Bangladesh. Smitha will be launching her first novel, Coming Home, this month. You can read about it here:

Here is Smitha’s review:

A must read for all

The book cover of a lion baring its teeth and the title of the book is powerful – ‘the scream’ Robbie explains it was inspired by Edward Munch’s famous painting by the same name. She says she used it in the title because it was how she felt on seeing a blood-red sky. I remember feeling the same when a friend of mine shared a picture of the sunset sky during her recent trip to Kenya.
Lion Scream is a book of poems and prose written on the wildlife in South Africa to create awareness about poaching and the impact of climate change on the natural habitat in S. Africa. Robbie Cheadle handles this crucial and relevant subject on the environment deftly by writing poems that are bound to tug the heart, enlighten and sensitize the reader towards the issue.

The poems are written in the double ennead form. Robbie explains that a double ennead is a form of syllabic poetry. Each stanza has 5 lines and 33 syllables. The poems are easy to understand for non-poets and non-readers as well. The addition of pictures and links to videos taken by the author makes it a light and entertaining read.

To fight for a cause, you need to believe in it, understand and feel for the oppressed party or the victim, which in this case is the declining flora and fauna of S.Africa. By providing a peek into their world and giving them a voice through her poems, Robbie Cheadle helps the reader see them in a new light. As I read the book, I felt it would be perfect if it were introduced to students in Middle school; creating awareness at an early age may be our only way to save the future. After all, the future belongs to the children of today.

I’m sharing a few poems and excerpts from the book to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Under the Section on Rhinos, Robbie shares the news article on a rhino that was found crying after being attacked by poachers for its horn; the rhino’s skull was fractured, and it was left bleeding. It pained me when I read it.

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50 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Lion Scream is available as an ebook and a new review

  1. Great news about your book being available as an e-book, and what a beautiful and moving review, Robbie. I am sure your book will have a great impact on children and adults and will raise awareness of the need to protect wildlife and our environment.

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