KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL COOKBOOK CLUB – Robbie Cheadle Reviews Chicken Shawarma

I am over at Bernadette’s lovely cooking blog, New Classic Recipe, with my contribution to her Kitchen Confidential Cookbook Club. Thanks for hosting, Bernadette.

Hi there,

To continue with our reviews of Milk Street Tuesday Night Mediterranean, Robbie Cheadle weighs in on the cookbook and gives us a recipe and review of Chicken Shawarma.

Many of you long time readers are familiar with Robbie. She has generously shared her cooking expertise with us on several occasions. I don’t think anyone can forget her amazing Hummingbird Cake,

In addition to being an accomplished cook, Robbie is a fabulous writer and blogger. Her many talents can be found at

Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean: 125 Simple Weeknight Recipes from the World’s Healthiest Cuisine by Christopher Kimball

About the book

Mediterranean based recipes which have been put together by the author with the objectives of speed and simplicity for everyday cooking in mind. The recipes are grouped under various headings including Fast (approximately 45 minutes start to finish), Faster (approximately 30 minutes start to finish), and Fastest (approximately 25 minutes start to finish), and then Salad Suppers, Hearty Vegetarian, Supper Soups, and Flat and Folded. The recipes used mainly common Mediterranean spices and ingredients that are easy to find in local shops and result in wholesome and tasty meals. 

Several recipes, including the two recipes I chose to make, use a broiler for the cooking process. I do not have a broiler; in fact, I’ve never heard of this piece of equipment. I was able to modify the cooking process easily to one I am familiar with and have the necessary cooking equipment to accommodate.

I also used food items I had available in my house and did not purchase items specifically to make the selected recipes. As a result, my meals varied a bit from the ones in the book. I think the ease with which I adapted the recipes to suit my ingredients and cooking methods, was a big positive for the usefulness of this book.

The first recipe I attempted was the Spicy Ground Beef Kebabs with Tomato-Sumac Sauce from the Fast section. You can find my adapted recipe and pictures of the dish on my blog here:

The second recipe I tried was Chicken Shawarma and this is the recipe I made. I have indicated where I made small adaptions due to ingredients and cooking methods.

Continue reading here:


53 thoughts on “KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL COOKBOOK CLUB – Robbie Cheadle Reviews Chicken Shawarma

    1. I really like Mediterranean food and my mom will eat it. She won’t eat Indian, Thai or Chinese food (she’s such a fussy pot). I do cook Indian because the rest of us love it, but I don’t do it too often because I don’t like to leave mom out of meals.

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  1. Our ovens come with a broiling element on the top of the opening. I think they must have come that way for many years here since one of my favorite pans is a small broiling pan which belonged to my grandmother.(1890-1978)

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    1. Hi Elizabeth, one of my English friends has told me this is the grill, so I actually do have one – haha! I don’t like grilling as the food splatters and makes the top of my oven messy. It is difficult to clean so I’m happy with my method.

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  2. Great review and recommendation, Robbie. Not everybody has your talent for adapting recipes (I’ve had some misses trying that, although it sometimes works quite well), but I guess the more you cook and try things, the better you get at it. I do love Mediterranean food (well, I come from the Mediterranean after all), although I love many others. Thanks for sharing this!

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  3. That was a great recipe, Robbie, that I’m happy to vouch for.

    And on another topic. I noticed on Charle’s blog that you have a book out that somehow I completely missed. Will it be released on Kindle at some point? I’d like to pick it up. ❤

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