Robbie’s Inspiration – Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Red

It’s been a while since I joined in Sunday Stills. The main reason is that I stopped posting over weekends last year in order to spend more time with my mom. This year, I am spending my Sunday afternoons with her and we are doing creative projects together. I am currently making the flowers for my new cake project for Terence’s birthday in May. Yes, I know May is weeks away but each flower takes me six hours to make and there are six big ones and twenty small ones plus a number of cakes to bake and leaves and stems to model. This year’s birthday cake is my most ambitious project to date. Mom is knitting a fairy and its coming along beautifully.

Anyhow, this week’s challenge is red for Valentine’s day and I have some pictures to share with you as well as a link to an amazing post about Michael and my Sir Chocolate books and our new Sir Chocolate High Days & Holidays Sir Chocolate book which is all about Valentine and includes some delicious themed recipes, just in case your prefer to give a book to any children in your lives instead of chocolate or sweets.

You can join in Sunday Stills here: Terri has kindly shared two of my haikus in her post which was a delightful surprise.

Both red flowers are from my mother’s garden
Roman warrior ice cream cake I made for Michael’s 8th birthday
Heart shaped pink meringues filled with cream, strawberries and raspberries, and melted dark chocolate – the recipe for this Valentine’s treat is in our new book.

The wonderful Resa from Graffiti Lux Art & More blog has shared the most amazing post about Michael and my Sir Chocolate Books here:

Resa shares beautiful posts about street art, books, and other artistic and literary topics that are works of art and a great adventure. I hope you go over and take a look around.

Last but not least, Michael and I have a new Sir Chocolate book which is available on Kindle Unlimited here: It is also available as a paperback and an ebook.

Michael helped me create this video which I like very much:


75 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Red

  1. Hooray, so happy to see your post, Robbie! I get it, time is precious and we all have to pick the best options for our lives. I’m glad you can spend time with your mom doing fun things together–you are very lucky! Your fondant flower project sounds super ambitious but I know you can pull it off! Thanks for sharing your reds today. I was pleased to share your haikus from Tanka Tuesday–it’s quite fun to share my images as inspiration to be a small part of the fun.

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  2. You hit upon my favorite color, just in time for Valentine’s Day! My tablescape in the dining room is decorated with red hearts and candles now. Year-round, my stainless steel and gray/black kitchen has red accents galore.

    Sir Chocolate snowman is adorable. Thanks, Robbie! 😀

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  3. I love that you are spending time with your mom doing creative projects. Those are moments you’ll never regret. The photo of the rose is stunning! I can almost smell it! Happy Valentine’s Day!


    1. Strangely, Terence’s illness inspired a spurt of creativity. Michael and I put together this new Sir Choc book and I’ve finally finished my new poetry book about the Sixth Mass Extinction. I’m also writing a collection of South African based historical short stories. Anxiety has to go somewhere.

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      1. Yes, people always think that earning more money is the path to happiness. I’m pretty sure it isn’t from my seat in a corporate for over 25 years. I’m glad I didn’t chose to chase top positions. You have to give up to much else in your life.


    1. Hi Lauren, that is very nice of you. These books are my Amazon self publishing experiment. I am pleased with the artwork in them which is a little different from our other books. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on it. Have a wonderful day.

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  4. Wonderful that you are sharing some creative space with your Mum Robbie… oh and I hope you share that Knitted Fairy.. 🙂
    Cyril I am sure would love to meet her… 🙂
    I can only imagine the painstaking time it takes to create each flower for your cakes.. and I am sure this cake is a creation of art in itself…
    Love the images… and the Roman Soldier helmet … cake….
    Sending LOVE and well wishes to ALL dear Robbie… ❤ ❤

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  5. Congratulations to Michael and you on the new book. It sounds delightful and delicious, as usual, and your suggestion of giving a book for Valentine’s instead of sweets is an excellent one. I love the pics, and I am not surprised it takes you that long to do your flowers. I am not creative in that way, but I love to watch baking and cake decorating programmes, and the flowers take so long to make, even for people who do that day in and day out… Mind you, you create pretty beautiful flowers. I am looking forward to seeing that cake in a couple of months’ time, Robbie.


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