Robbie’s Inspiration – A poem on Vocal and a poem for Tanka Tuesday #Poetry #Poetrychallenge

Vocal is running a poetry challenge with the theme of Uncommon – write a poem about something rare. I wasn’t going to participate as I couldn’t think of anything I fancied writing about until yesterday when I discovered Eleanor, the hadeda, had come into my office for a visit.

I thought that was quite rare, I’ve never had a hadeda come inside before and I’ve lived in my current home near a bird sanctuary for nearly 20 years.

These are the pictures that inspired my poem, The Visitor. You can read the poem on Vocal and if you have a few extra minutes you can register on the site and leave a like and/or comment for me. Or you can just leave a comment here.

You will find my poem here:

This is my haiku for Colleen Chesebro’s latest poetry challenge. I thought the lady depicted in the picture looked like she had a title or position of some sort and was born privileged. My poem is about the lack of permanency of titles and position.

Titles are not owned

Merely temporary gifts

Easily transferred

By Robbie Cheadle

You can join in Colleen’s challenge here:


88 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – A poem on Vocal and a poem for Tanka Tuesday #Poetry #Poetrychallenge

      1. I think it’s in her stance and the way she’s looking off into the distance that really gave me the impression there was more going on then meets the eye. Also, she’s wearing red, as if looking for attention. (Not that everyone who wears red is seeking attention). I looked up the color psychology of red, for that observation.

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      2. Hi Colleen, that assessment of the colour red is generally true. It is the same with red cars and insurers charge more to insure a red car than other colours. I only wear red if I am on the war path and then it is very deliberate.

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  1. Eleanor could pick your poem to pieces with that long beak. Instead, she is nodding her appreciation. Well done, Robbie. So many times birds or a brilliant sky have inspired a haiku for me.

    About the titled lady. Yes, titles are temporary. Just ask Prince Harry and Meghan. I believe the Crown has dropped their HRH specification.

    Thanks for this beautiful post, Robbie. I’m glad I could also see a sliver of your studio, where your magic is created. 😀

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    1. Hi Marian I am also very fond of birds and I thought Eleanor’s visit qualified as unusual. The whole situation with the royal family currently is very upsetting. Very unsuited to all parties status as influencers of society. My office is rather untidy so I tend not to take pictures of it 😂

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  2. I got a big kick out of “The Visitor.” When I first saw the photos, I did wonder if she had left you any “gifts” of a scatalogical nature. You haiku is very insightful. I think the same holds true for fame.

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  3. Thank you for the introduction to Vocal, Robbie. It was great fun viewing the poets/poetry. It is a place that has many marvelous rabbit holes. I have been very interested in how many stories have come from The Lady of the Snows by George Henry Boughton. Lover you thought.

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  4. Hi Robbie – I’ve been curious about your visitor ever since I saw your post on Instagram. That’s quite a big bird to have in your house and I would think a little unnerving to see it from its perch on top of your cabinet! What type of personality does a hadeda have? Very nice haiku too 🙂

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    1. Hi Barbara, Eleanor is very sweet and she has always lived in our garden. She is the fourth generation of hadedas to be born in the same tree and they have all footages in our garden but she is the most friendly. She never leaves and seems content to stay here. She often goes into my dad’s office which is outside but it was a surprise to see her in my office as it’s quite far from the back door. She was very calm and contented inside.

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  5. That bird is incredible and so is your relationship with her, Robbie. I’m sure she can feel your love and compassion for all animals. My sister would love her! She has 4 huge parrots and they’ve been with her forever. She is truly a bird lover. 🙂 Delightful poem about your visitor and a wonderful response to the painting.

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    1. Hi Lauren, Eleanor has a sweet and calm nature. She is no trouble when she ventures into my dad’s office (which is outside). This is the first time she’s come right into the house and she was very comfortable as you can see. No fear at all. I have always had an affinity for birds and small creatures.

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  6. Oh I loved both poems Robbie. I tried to sign in but I couldn’t. What a delightful gift with that beautiful bird visiting and your interlude and cute conversation with him! I loved it!

    Your poem for Colleen was so good and on the money.

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      1. Oh Robbie, I did love them and you are so right about that. I think I’m done asking people to vote for things until the next time I ask😂😂😂 I loved your poems!!!❤️


  7. Your poem about your hadeda visitor was adorable, Robbie. What a talker. Lol. How fun to have such a cheeky visitor to your garden. The mess in the house… not so much. And a lovely poem for Colleen’s prompt. She does look quite privileged. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Gwen. People really don’t understand that positions and titles are temporary, particularly in the work place. As soon as you leave / retire, someone else takes your place. It’s about the position in many ways and not the person filling the position.


  8. What a unique and inspiring subject for your poem! The unexpected visit from the hadeda must have been a special moment and it’s great to see you capture it in your writing. Your poem, “The Visitor,” perfectly captures the rarity and beauty of this experience. I’ve already read it and it was truly a joy to read. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for sharing your talent with us!

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      1. It was my pleasure! The poem was beautifully written and capturing the essence of Eleanor the Hadeda was truly inspiring. Keep up the great work!

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