Robbie’s Inspiration – Poetry book review: Finding a Balance by Lauren Scott

What Amazon says

Finding a Balance is Laurens second book of poetry, following New Day, New Dreams published in 2013. This compilation speaks often of her emotions and spirit after finding out about a life threatening disease two years ago in one of her family members. There is no devastating ending in the near future but many unanswered questions that will plague her family indefinitely.

In contrast to this sadness, Lauren has always possessed a romantic soul and is blessed to have celebrated twenty six happy years of marriage to her husband and best friend. So from darkness to finding the light again through faith and adding a touch of romance, she finds strength to move forward. This book takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of different emotions evoked from life and love but regardless of what is thrown in her path, hope will always prevail.

My review

Finding a Balance is a collection of beautiful poems that speak to the daily emotions of life and, in particular, the pain and sadness of her journey along the path of a life threatening illness in a family member. Both my sons have suffered, and continue to suffer, chronic illnesses so this is something that is close to my own heart and to which I intimately related.

The poet’s shock at the news is clearly described in her poem The Cards We’re Dealt, a saying I use myself in relation to my own family’s illnesses. This is a quote from the opening stanza:
“We sail through life smoothly
until a wave knocks us down
with no means for escaping
no turning around or backing away”

Seeing our loved ones in pain and ill and not being able to do anything about it is one of the heaviest burdens a mother can bear. These words say it all:
“Shaking my head,
I lie in beads of sweat’
gripping the edge,
waiting to fall
into the depths …”
From Reality’s Edge

Not all the poems are about chronic illness. Many are about the poet’s love for her family and her husband of 26 years. There are some delightful romantic poems in this collection. The one I enjoyed the most is called The Box:
“You placed it in my hands, adorned with a red bow
only a short clip of time had passed by our window
After pulling out tissue paper of white
I was entranced by the amazing sight
For inside was a lifetime together
and a house to be filled by the love we would gather
The walls stood bare waiting for memories to dress
showing reasons for us feeling truly blessed
The best gift of all, thought, I am thrilled to say
was your heart at the bottom, committed to stay”

I have read another book by this poet and find her writing and poetry to be simple and genuine, filled with realistic emotions and thoughts and not couched in complex wording that is difficult to decipher and understand. There is poetic strength in simplicity.

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107 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Poetry book review: Finding a Balance by Lauren Scott

  1. Thanks for another excellent review, Robbie. If you find duplicate comments, it’s because I’m fighting with WordPress to be able to post.

    I am always looking for poetry books to add to my (growing) pile, and I appreciate your recommendation.

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      1. I have a new phone, and WP is making me log into 3 out of 5 sites. There’s no apparent reason. It likes to wait until I have successfully liked a post and am trying to post a comment.

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  2. Hi, Robbie,
    I haven’t read any book from her but I like the two excerpts you have chosen to feature in this blog article. I also trust your judgement in poetry because you are a wonderful poet yourself. I will give this book of poetry a chance because I love good poetry that touches the emotional world of a person.
    Shalom aleichem

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      1. Good Morning, Lauren,
        Thank you for getting in touch with me. I couldn’t find your book on Amazon Germany last night because I was too tired. I kept missing it. This morning, I tried again and had no problems finding it at all. So I can now officially say it is in my digital library. I usually like the poetry authors that Robbie recommends. I haven’t been disappointed at all with her recommendations, so I look forward to reading yours. I will write a review after reading but please give three or four weeks because I am participating in a Challenge this month and I am falling behind in many tasks that I will need to catch up on.
        Shalom aleichem

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      2. Good morning, Pat, and thank you so much for buying my book. Again, I hope you enjoy, and just so you know, all proceeds go to The Chris Klug Foundation in support of organ donation. That was the soul purpose of the book, not to mention, therapeutic for me. I am grateful for Robbie’s lovely review, and please take your time. There is no rush. My only hope is that the poems are meaningful to you as well. Thanks again and take care.

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      1. Hi Robbie, I used to think simple was a negative thought. But honestly, the more I write, the more I would rather build a warm relationship with my readers, knowing they can relate to the pictures I sketch through words or the emotions I’m conveying. I hope they can gain a nugget of understanding or comfort when the last page is turned, instead of thinking they had to be a master of decoding. So thank you because I feel the same way when reading poetry. I want to feel it… ❤️

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  3. A beautiful review, Robbie, and I can see why the poems felt so personal to you. I think gifted poets have a way of tying experiences and emotions together with common threads that almost all of us can relate to. Congrats to Lauren, and thanks for sharing your thoughts about her lovely book.

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  4. Hi Robbie, Thanks so much for this beautiful review. This was a tough time for my family, and although I’m grateful my poems touched you, I’m sorry they resonated with you in such a personal way. But it’s also comforting to know we’re not alone. And you’re right, when we watch our children suffer in pain and there isn’t anything we can do to magically take it away, well, it’s the most horrible, helpless feeling I’ve ever experienced. I physically felt the pain too. By the way, all proceeds go to The Chris Klug Foundation in support of organ donation, so I truly appreciate not only your wonderful review, but your support as well. Your family is in my prayers also.
    I’ll reblog tomorrow. Hugs xo

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    1. HI Lauren, thank you for your lovely comment. I could appreciate from your poems, what a difficult time it was. My own currently poetry is reflecting my own anxieties over my husband. Michael is doing much better although the operation isn’t a cure, just a facilitator for better treatment. He ran into the wall on Monday night and smashed his nose which bled everywhere. I had to rush him to the emergency room but, thankfully, everything was okay. I think my family are trying to kill me – smile!

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      1. Oh my gosh, Robbie, I’m glad Michael is okay! I pray your husband is doing better too, but I understand your anxieties. Life can be challenging, to say the least. My daughter is doing okay, but the future remains a question mark. And just a few years ago, my son received the same diagnosis. We were stunned and our spirits crushed once again. What are the odds? Sigh. I try not to worry because it does no good. I just try to focus on the fact that they’re doing okay now and hold on to that positivity. It’s out of my control, but it’s not easy; it’s never easy. Anyway, sending more hugs!


    1. Hi Toni, I am doing okay, just a little tired with all the running about because I am doing everything at home (my hubby usually does the school run) and also working and making daily visits to the hospital. Terence is doing a lot better and if the tests today go well, he will come home on Friday.

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  5. A lovely review, Robbie. I agree with you about Lauren’s writing. It warms the heart and is soft and beautiful. The poems you shared are romantic and touching. Thank you for this review.

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  6. Robbie, a thoughtful and heartfelt review of what looks to be a perfectly balanced collection of poems. Kudos to Lauren for turning to poetry as her world is thrown into frightening turmoil and wow, the ones shared here by you are striking in the simplicity yet reach into the heart of all our lives. Going through mixed times myself these poems will resonate deeply with me as well.

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  7. I lost a son seven years ago and I share the heartache and frustration of not being able to save him from his fate. Poetry is a medium that helped me understand I wasn’t alone. Lauren’s book looks like one of those books. I particularly like the poem about the present. Thanks Robbie for the review and I hope your life is peaceful.

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    1. Hi Bernadette, I am so sorry to hear about your son. There really are no words, but writing is therapeutic for those whose hearts are hurting. I hope you find comfort in my poems if you decide to read this collection. Thank you for your lovely comment. xo

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  8. Such a beautiful review Robbie and I love the poems you chose of hers that are so gripping and you can feel each word. Lauren is a wonderful writer and lovely human being whose heart shows up in all of her work. Excellent. I’m sure she’s elated! 💞

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