Growing Bookworms – Teaching children about nature and conservation

My first Growing Bookworms post of 2023 discusses teaching children about nature and conservation. Thanks for hosting, Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

Teaching our children about the natural environment and conservation is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. There are a few good ways of making sharing about nature and conservation with children, as follows:

  1. Reading books about nature with your child;
  2. Exploring nature with your child;
  3. Art and play; and
  4. Watching documentaries


There are a number of wonderful children’s books that subtly teach children about the wonders of nature. One is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett when Dicken shows Mary how to care for the locked garden and plant new flowers. Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson is another. Set along the Amazon River in Brazil, this book has a strong theme about the importance of nature to the human spirit. A few other wonderful children’s books about animals are White Fang by Jack London, The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford, Charlotte’s Webb…

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37 thoughts on “Growing Bookworms – Teaching children about nature and conservation

    1. HI Bernadette, Charlotte’s Web is the book that started my interest in, and love of, spiders. That love has influenced my new poetry book about nature and animals which includes no less than three poems about spiders.


    1. HI Teagan, I think Terence is over the worst of his illness now although he is having an MRI tomorrow so the doctors can see what’s happened with the clot. It is still very scary and I don’t want to think about last Wednesday at all. I am having nightmares about it but they will pass. Hugs.

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  1. I remember reading a lot of books about animals as a kid, which this reminded me of (one of my favorites was called A Whale is Not a Fish). Fiction wise, I think the works of Beatrix Potter are a great choice for appreciating Nature, too.

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  2. Learning about ways to protect the planet and save the Earth is one of the most valuable things we can teach our children. When I was a Student Council advisor, these were the types of projects that got kids excited.

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  3. I LOVE this topic so much! The Secret Garden got me interested in flowers and greenery ~ Along with seeing my mom’s amazing green thumb. Thanks for spotlighting this topic to get kids interested in nature xx

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  4. I read books to my two for years until they decided enough was enough, lol. I also taught them to read before they went to school. I remember that Leon read the dinner menu on his first day at school aged 4 and a half and impressed his teacher.

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    1. Hi Stevie, that is wonderful. I also taught my boys to read. Michael had a learning barrier and foxed me by learning the words in the readers off by heart very quickly. He has a very good memory. Strangely, Michael reads more than Gregory, despite his slower reading pace and learning barrier.

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  5. This is one of my favorite topics, Robbie, and you’ve created a wonderful post. It’s so important for children to bond with nature. And it’s vital that they learn to read. I remember my husband and I reading to our daughter and son before they started themselves. And as adults, they still love to read. We also camped a lot when they were young, so that was another way to teach them about nature. 🙂 The books you mention are all terrific. Great post!

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    1. Hi Lauren, I know you also love nature, it reflects in your books and blog posts. I don’t camp here in South Africa, I am too scared of the crime and must have security to sleep. It is a great way to learn about nature though.

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