Growing Bookworms – The importance of colour when illustrating children’s books #childrensfiction #readingcommunity #growingbookworms

This months Growing Bookworms post discusses the importance of colour when illustrating children’s books. Thanks for hosting, Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

Many children’s picture books make use of brightly coloured cartoon style illustrations. Children are attracted to bright colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, and pink. These colors create a sense of energy and playfulness and also emanate happiness. Colour impacts on children’s moods, behaviour, and educational performance.

Part of the reason children prefer bright colours is because saturated colours are easier for young, developing eyes to see. Bright colors and contrasting colors stand out more in a child’s field of vision than feinter shades.

Colour effects the way the brain functions and can be used by illustrators to encourage pattern recognition, memory, and the ability of young readers to absorb new information.

Here are a few examples of colours and how they can be used for learning:

RED– a powerful and attention-grabbing colour, red stimulates alertness and excitement. It encourages creativity and can also increase appetite.


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21 thoughts on “Growing Bookworms – The importance of colour when illustrating children’s books #childrensfiction #readingcommunity #growingbookworms

  1. Totally agree. The youngest children I taught were in 2nd grade, but most were mesmerized by a colorful cover. For a child that age, it’s one of the most significant selling points. Including bright illustrations is a must for young children.

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  2. I am still attracted to colour when I search for my next read. The book cover for your book, “A Ghost and his Gold” is an excellent example of how colour adds drama and vibrancy.


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