Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet and author, Yvette Prior and a book review #Poetrylovers #readingcommunity @bookreview

Today, I am delighted to feature blogger, poet and writer, Yvette Prior from Priorhouse blog, as my Treasuring Poetry guest. Thank you for hosting, Kaye Lynne Booth

Writing to be Read

Today, I am very excited to welcome Yvette Prior from Priorhouse blog as my September Treasuring Poetry guest. Yvette is among the first bloggers I met when I started Robbie’s Inspiration and she was always encouraging and supportive of my artwork and writing. Thank you, Yvette.

Today, Yvette, a talented poet and author herself and a huge supporter of other writers and bloggers, is going to share some of her thoughts about poetry and some readings from her lovely poetry book, Avian Friends.

What is your favourite poem and why?

Winter Chill

Stood and listened

to birds tweet and whistle

had breakfast to make

day to begin

stuff to do

but standing

in winter chill

at the back door


stopped me

hope flew in

melodious infusing during a winter chill

trees still bare

yet birds were there

dulcet air

momentary loss of care

cold days

soon to part ways

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27 thoughts on “Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet and author, Yvette Prior and a book review #Poetrylovers #readingcommunity @bookreview

    1. Thanks book club mom! That made my day to read because I feel the friendship too and enjoy your blog so much – your love for authors and for BOOKS is inspiring
      And thx again to Robbie for this feature


      1. Jacqui! And Robbie – I feel so honored and humbled and I am not just saying this – but I think a special part of avian friends was that it was written in journals first – and so I wasn’t “trying to hard”
        And perhaps that led to a genuine vibe that resonates with readers
        Thanks again

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