Growing Bookworms – Interactive books for children – Part 2: Digital books

I am over at Writing to be Read with this month’s Growing Bookworms post which discusses interactive digital books for children. Thank you to Kaye Lynne Booth for hosting.

Writing to be Read

Last month, I discussed physical interactive books for children and their benefits. You can read this post here:

This month, I am sharing the pros and cons of digital interactive books for children.

Firstly, what is an interactive eBook?

An interactive eBook is an ebook that has elements with which the reader can directly interact. This type of ebook has a lot of touchpoints where the reader can interact with videos, audio recordings, links and other content.

I read several articles about the benefits of eBooks for children and the experts believe that reading print books to toddlers and small children results in a better reading experience for the child. Research shows that children and parents/caregivers interact more frequently with one another when they are reading a paperback book and turning pages, and the quality of their interactions are better. This translates into better language development, literacy and bonding with…

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22 thoughts on “Growing Bookworms – Interactive books for children – Part 2: Digital books

  1. Very cool, Robbie!

    I read the 2 books and I love them.
    You had sent 3 +1 , but the 3 are the same book, perhaps different edits.
    Anyway I came her the other day to see the instructions on how to make the fantasy creatures and flowers. I can’t seem to find them.
    Would you be kind enough to provide a direct link? Thank you!
    I want to do a review, and would like to read how to make these things. I’d like to comment on that!

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    1. HI Resa, oh that is so odd. I don’t know how I came to send three of the same book. I think it may have been something to do with the uploading. Here is the link to the how to step-by-steps and videos. I had actually hidden the page but I’ve put it back. If you’d like any more books, let me know which ones and I’ll send them. They are all listed here:


      1. OMG!!!! Real books, Eeeeee, I am so honoured! xoxo
        I will send the info you require in the email answer!
        I’m really looking forward to them.
        I need to find 1 recipe in there, that I can make. (to put in the review)😊😊😊

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  2. Its amazing what is now available to children via this method of learning… My Granddaughter while she loves Real Books to hold… is hardly ever off her Tech side of things with PC or phone… Its the way children are learning in the digital age. 🙂

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  3. Although it does not affect me directly, your article has given me food for thought, and those are matters that parents should consider when choosing books for their children. Thanks, Robbie.

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