Robbie’s Inspiration – Two delightful children’s picture books by Sue Wickstead

Thank you to the lovely Sally Cronin from Smorgasbord Magazine blog for letting me know about these adorable children’s picture books by Sue Wickstead. You can read Sally’s post, which is about a different book, here:

I have been very cheeky and borrowed Sue’s contact and other links from Sally’s post:

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon UK – And: Amazon US – More reviews: Goodreads – Website/Blog: Sue Wickstead – Facebook: Stories Sue – Facebook: Teacher Page – Twitter: @JayJayBus – LinkedIn: Sue Wickstead

Barty Barton The bear that was loved too much

What Amazon says

What happens when you outgrow your teddy bear? Will you let it go?
Barty was a special teddy bear. He was soft, cuddly, and always made everyone smile. All the loving cuddles had flattened him over time, and his nose bent to one side and his paws needed repairing. But he was too full of memories to be thrown away.

Thomas always loved Barty, but he grew up and was going to be a daddy himself. Would he want Barty for his new baby?

My review

I adored this delightful book about a collection of toys whose owner, Thomas, has grown up and moved away. All the toys were loved, but Barty the Bear, was Thomas’ particular favourite and is a little worse for wear as a result. Barty has lived the past few years in Thomas’ old bedroom while the other toys were stored in the attic.

One day, Thomas visits his mother and tells her he is going to become a daddy. She offers him Barty, but Thomas doesn’t want him because he is old and worn.

After Thomas leaves, his mother gets down all the toys and carefully washes them in her washing machine, including Barty. The other toys wash up well, but Barty comes out lumpy. Thomas’ mother persists and manages to get him completely dry. She mends him and restuffs him so that he is as good as new.

When Barty finally meets Thomas’ son, Alexander, the baby adores him. Barty and the other toys have a new child to love.

A delightful story with beautiful illustrations in bright colours.

Purchase Barty Barton The bear that was loved too much

Amazon US

Sparky the Dragon Bus

What Amazon says

Sparky isn’t your typical double-decker bus. Behind the dragon and magical paintings, she’s exciting and full of fun and adventures for all children.
Jump aboard to find out what makes Sparky so special.

My review

Sparky the Dragon Bus is a delightful book for children about an ordinary bus that is converted into a play bus for children. At first, Sparky is unsure about her new position as a play bus and especially all the colourful pictures that have been painted onto her body work, as this artwork make her different from all the other buses.

When the day arrives for Sparky to meet all the children who will make use of her new facilities, she is pleased by their delight. There is one little girl in a wheelchair who is particularly thrilled by Sparky’s body artwork and some of the modern interventions that allow her to participate in activities with her friends that she never could before due to her physical disability. Sparky comes to realise the different is wonderful and allows her to make a different in the lives of the children.

This book is beautifully illustrated with colourful and eye catching drawings.

Purchase Sparky the Dragon Bus

Amazon US


60 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Two delightful children’s picture books by Sue Wickstead

  1. Hi Robbie – these do look wonderful, especially Barty Barton. It reminds me of a stuffed monkey I carried around with me for a long time. Sadly, it was so worn out and didn’t make it to the next generation. A good reminder that things can be fixed good as new.

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    1. HI Barbara, I had a teddy bear than had been my mother’s before me. I loved that bear and I kept him even though he was tatty. My mom gave him away and I was devastated (actually, she threw him away). I had been planning to take him to the bear hospital. I have a big collection of bears but I miss that one.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Oh that’s too bad, Robbie. My monkey was really a mess and my mother saved it, but we ultimately threw it out. He had bandaids all over his chin to keep the stuffing from coming out.

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  2. Thanks for the feature and the reminder on these great books, Robbie! As now holidays have started here, its great to forward the information also to prospective readers. xx Michael (I do not give up forcing our youngsters to start reading foreign books. Lol)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Pete, that is lovely to know. I have a lot of Terence’s old toys and books that his mother kept. I have some things from my childhood too and a doll that was bought for my youngest sister and which she didn’t want.

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  3. Hi Robbie,
    I was delighted to read your reviews and so glad you enjoyed them both.
    Bart is a story that just came along unplanned.
    My teddy bear , MacMac, in the story is due to go to the teddy bear hospital in September.
    I am anxious but as her eye keeps falling out i think I need to get her repaired.
    Sparky is a project with Princess Anne as the patron.
    It was special.
    Thank you again for your thoughts and good to read how the books connect with others.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed, A Spooky Tale is a story I wrote with my class at school many years ago.
        It came from the children’s ideas.
        I do enjoy books that just come along.
        I feel the bus beeps me along sometimes!
        That’s my first love

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks cindy, indeed who doesn’t like a bus! Especially a bus full of toys to play with and paintin to do!
      A Playbus can certainly be a magical place. (Always a bus in my book somewhere – even Barty’s book

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