Robbie’s Inspiration – Poor Mr. Weaver, a poem

A row of woven nests

All in shades of green

Carefully constructed by a hopeful male

Will one meet his girlfriend’s

high expectations?


They fail her inspection

Each and every one

What doesn’t please his discerning prospective mate?

Is it the location

or the local birds?


Undaunted, determined

He begins afresh

My evergreen plants virtually destroyed

By his fervent efforts

to win her favour

72 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Poor Mr. Weaver, a poem

    1. HI Carla, it is rather unfortunate when birds persist in buildings their nests in a place that isn’t suitable. The Weavers are amazing though. The males are so industrious with their building of nests and the females are incredibly fussy.

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      1. I went and looked at images online. They are very pretty books and I was impressed by their nests, especially the communal ones.


  1. It is always remarkable to witness nest building and the lengths certain birds go to to please their mates.. and how choosey the females can be lol..
    Loved your poem… Hope your evergreens soon recover.. ❤

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  2. This was new to me. I enjoyed the poem and shared this on my FB site. I love all birds and they are welcome to make nests anywhere they like at my house. Each year, a pair of house wrens selects one of my hanging baskets to build their next and raise their babies. Last year they had 2 nests and babies during the summertime. I am thankful I have a tranquil garden where they are safe and can learn to fly as we watch them. It’s beautiful!

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    1. Hi Lynda, I am also a big bird fan. We get a lot of birds in our garden. The Weavers are fun to watch with the industrious building and then, most of the nests are destroyed because they don’t measure up to the female’s standards.

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  3. We makes, if for nothing else, persevere to get our mate’s attention, ‘come Hell or high water’! I loved this little ditty and ca picture him going about his work in a madcap sort of way. Nice work, Robbie!

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  4. We are surrounded by amazing creatures. These words resonated (goosebumps): “undaunted, determined He begins afresh.” I am in awe of his resilience and courage.


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