Growing Bookworms: Toys that help develop fine motor skills in children

This month’s Growing Bookworms post on Writing to be Read is about toys that help children develop fine motor skills. Thank you for hosting, Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

It is important for children to develop good fine motor skills so they can perform important tasks such as feeding themselves, grasping objects, drawing, cutting, and writing. Successful achievement of these skills increases children’s confidence.

These are a few examples of toys that help children develop fine motor skills:

Threading beads

Threading beads on a string is an excellent activity for small children. Large beads with thick stings and large holes are best for younger children. Sets with smaller beads, strings and holes are available for older children. Children love making necklaces and bracelets for themselves, parents and other caregivers.

Lacing cards

Lacing involves threading a string or shoelace through a board. It is the same action that is used to thread shoelaces in a shoe. Parents and caregivers can create their own board using cardboard and scissors or a paper punch. Alternatively, you can purchase lacing kits.

Building blocks

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27 thoughts on “Growing Bookworms: Toys that help develop fine motor skills in children

    1. Hi Lauren, me too. We did some amazing stuff. We made my mom a book for Christmas one year and all the grandkids (at that point) include handprints, footprints and a note (if they were writing). Another year, I bought a Christmas tree and they made all the decorations for the tree and we also hung chocolates from all the branches as a gift. We also made a table cloth using textile paint. Lots of grand times together.

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