Robbie’s Inspiration – Poems about pain

This morning I was reading a post by my blogging friend, Bella, over at Thoughts ‘n Life blog. Her post was about how people have to learn to deal with everything life throws us on our journey. You can read Bella’s post here: Her comments made me think about pain, especially chronic pain, and learning to live with it.

I have recorded two poems, one is called In School and is from Susan Coolidge’s delightful book, What Katy Did. The other is one of my own poems from my book, Open a new door, called Pain.

I hope you appreciate these poetic offerings.

Coming soon

Kaye Lynne Booth and I, together with 11 talented poets, have been working on a new collection of poetry by contributors to our Treasuring Poetry blog series from 2021.

The cover design is by creative dynamo, Teagan Riordain Geneviene.


86 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Poems about pain

    1. Hi Stevie, chronic pain is very wearying. I have suffered with chronic back pain for many years and now, whenever I get sick, I get the most terrible pain in my back. Such is life and we have to learn to deal with it.

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      1. Yes, we do. Our nurses used to suggest distraction techniques and the doctors suggested opioids (which over time did not work as the body developed a tolerance to them). Patients wanted to carry on with bad lifestyle choices and just pop a pill to take the pain away, but there isn’t one. I get a lot of lower back pain now, but do my stretches and exercises every morning and try to help myself a bit.


    1. Hi Wayne, I have suffered with chronic pain for many years. I had a very bad cycling accident in my late 20s and it caused me a lot of issues with my back and knees. I don’t think it has changed my heart though except to make me more empathetic and understanding of other peoples pain and health problems. Both my sons also have chronic health problems and they are good chaps. I think it is how you view life in the long run, that informs your heart.

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      1. My computer’s been playing up a bit – fibre down etc in the area. Chronic pain must be the worst. I don’t know if that’s true of you? I hope not – turmeric is helpful as an anti inflammatory-

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  1. I loved both of these poems, Robbie, and their delivery was superb. I really enjoyed What Katy Did when I was a child but don’t remember any of the poetry in it. I think it needs your intuitive delivery to bring out the best in it. Your own poem is beautifully crafted, too. I really enjoyed Behind Closed Doors and now I’m looking forward to Open a New Door.

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    1. Hi Alex, I am very pleased to know you enjoyed my poetry. I seem to have a need to write poetry and I have periods when it just keeps coming, like now. I love What Katy Did and the other books in the series. There are a few other good poems in the book I may share as the month progresses.

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  2. That first poem which was new to me took me right back to my nasty third grade teacher. Thankfully mid year they split up our class and I was reassigned to a lovely, kind and soft spoken teacher. What a difference as the poem understood.

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  3. Both poems are wonderful, Robbie. I have family and friends who deal with chronic pain. It’s something hard to understand unless we’ve walked in their shoes. I enjoyed your videos, too. 💗

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  4. wonderful performances, Robbie! so sorry about your challenges – I just got over several weeks of bad hip & back pain & was quite humbled. am impressed you get so much done & remain so positive despite…

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