Robbie’s Inspiration – Guest post: Poet Kevin Morris and a review

Talented poet, Kevin Morris, has a new collection of poems out called Leaving and Other Poems. Isn’t this a lovely cover?

Leaving and other poems by [Kevin Morris]

Kevin has treated us to one of his poems, More Often Than Not, from this collection:

More often than not

More often than not

I stop

By the graveyard plot,

Where a soft breeze

Rustles trees.

Yet, outside this spot,

I hear it not.

(More Often Than Not can be found in Leaving and Other Poems, which is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback,

Here is a YouTube video of Kevin reading one of his poems, called Blackbird:

About Kevin Morris

K. Morris

Kevin was born in the city of Liverpool on 6th January 1969. Having attended The Royal School for the Blind and St. Vincent’s School for the Blind in Liverpool, he went on to read History and Politics at the University College of Swansea.

Having graduated with a BA (Joint Honours), and an MA in Political Theory, Kevin moved to London where he now lives and works.

Being visually impaired, Kevin uses screen reading software called Job Access with Speech (JAWS) which converts text into speech and braille, enabling him to use a Windows laptop.

Much of Kevin’s poetry is written in his home, which overlooks a historic park in Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace, a suburb of Greater London.

You can find Kevin here:

Reviews of Kevin’s books can be seen hereIf you would like to contact Kevin please click here.

My review of The Further Selected Poems of K Morris

The Further Selected Poems of K Morris by [K Morris]

What Amazon says

This little book consists of serious and humorous verses. The poems range from those dealing with nature and mortality, through to limericks and other humorous verses.

My review

I always enjoy Kevin Morris’ poetry which is diverse and interesting. This collection includes a wide spectrum of poems ranging from humorous limericks, to deep thoughts about life, and the sadness of loss.

The poet is gifted in conveying huge emotion in a handful of well selected words. The poems about death and loss impacted me the most, in particular, The Dead May Speak:

“The dead may speak
Through the poet’s art.
This readers may weep.
Yet, some things run so deep,
They cannot be expressed in art.”

These poems do not comprise the majority of the collection and it is most certainly not an overwhelmingly melancholy book, but these poems do speak volumes and are profound.

The length of these poems is a little misleading as many of them are compelling and relatable despite there not being unduly long. I admire a poet who can convey such strong messages in relatively simple packaging.

Purchase The Further Selected Poems of K Morris

Amazon US

Amazon UK

58 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Guest post: Poet Kevin Morris and a review

  1. Robbie, thank you for this introduction to Kevin and his work. I’m taken with your review of his latest book and touched deeply by the poem you quote here. It is indeed profound and there comes a time where art of any kind will not reach the emotions within us. A time to just be.

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