Robbie’s Inspiration – my word for the year: Patience

Several people in the blogosphere had selected a word to inspire them for 2022. One of the best such words I’ve encountered is curator shared by Marsh Ingrao of Always Write blog. You can read her post here:

Seeing as the bloggers have collective colluded to twist my rubber arm with regards to a wordy inspiration, I have chosen ‘Patience’. I shared my choice with my long suffering husband and, after he’d picked himself up off the floor after laughing himself silly, I composed this poem to keep me on the path of patient virtuousness:

Patience is not a virtue

Patience is not a virtue

within my repetoire

The opposite quite obvious

if I wrote my own memoir


I always speak so quickly

my colleagues are quite dazzled

Having to re-explain my thinking

Leaves me surprised and frazzled


“We only understood,” they say

“every fourth sentence that you uttered.”

But I explained everything so well, think I

I’m shocked … absolutely guttered


High heels are sure to slow me down

hence, I always opt for flats

flipping roles with easy confidence

as I don my various daily hats


“My computer’s frozen again,” I bellow

Jamming open and close repeatedly

“You’ve confused it,” hubby explains

“But it’s so slow,” I shriek conceitedly


No time to fiddle with hairdos

I tie mine back in a tidy braid

this no fuss or bother style

means nothing else gets delayed


This year I’ve made a promise

to be patient in everything I do

Knowing this won’t ever happen

I’m prepared on failure to chew

by Robbie Cheadle

New children’s book

Just in case you are worried that I might be slowing down, here are the cover and purchase links for my new children’s book, Chocolate Fudge Saves the Sugar Dog:

Paperback: (Shipping to destinations outside of the UK is very reasonable)


Here is one of the limericks about the sugar dogs that complement the story:

The bulldog

“The bulldog has lots of rolls

His skin falls in thick, chunky folds

His nose is quite flat

But he can still smell a cat

As well as the sweet marigolds”

133 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – my word for the year: Patience

  1. I love your word. I´ve spent my entire life learning to be patient. I also have to repeat my words as I explain things too quickly and most folks can´t keep up. I´ve ordered the latest book. Let´s see if it gets here to Spain OK.

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    1. Hi Darlene, thank you for your support. It should get to Spain fine. I managed to get my copies okay although a bit delayed due to the Covid story. I am trying, but patience doesn’t come easily to me. It seems to get harder as I get older and not easier.

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    1. Hi Tandy, I can’t bear a slow connection either. We have both Wifi and 5G so that we can switch if one is slow or down. The power outages always make things slow even though we have a generator. It is the greater aspect that messes it up.

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  2. You certainly need it to get all your work done, Robbie! You come across as a `Whirling Dervish!’ It’s as well I’m patient, as my husband isn’t (except when making or repairing ‘anything.’ Then he has the patience of a saint…). Hugs x

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  3. I’m not the only one smiling. Our internet is great here – not like CA. But using the computer when I first started blogging and working from HOME would sometimes bring me to tears I’d get so frustrated when I couldn’t do something. When I worked, I had a tech. When I retired, I had me! Yikes!

    And having to reexplain what I just said that was perfectly clear. Grrrr Your Word of the Year is going to sorely try your patience, but in the end…

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      1. It doesn’t come easily for most people. Plan to be tested, for sure. What are some the remedies for impatience? I will be very interested in learning what those answers are because I suffer from the same thing. BIG TIME!

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      2. Hi Marsha, Rebecca Budd said that patience comes with acceptance. That was actually quite a revelation for me because it is true. If I accept that some people work slower and need things explained differently, and also accept that I must put in that time to get a better medium to long-term output, I will be more patient. The same goes for my computer, if I give it time to buffer and don’t press buttons all the time, I will probably not have to go through the agony of restarting my frozen computer and hoping my documents were saved.

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  4. Don’t go overboard with patience. It might destroy the impulsive creativity so evident in your poetry and admired by your parade of followers here. 😀

    The poem is spot-on and applies to me at times too.

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  5. Ha ha! Robbie, your poem is hilarious! No wonder you accomplish so much! I love your “shriek” about the “frozen computer” 😀 I am glad you know the word patience and thought of choosing it! 🤗 Congratulations for the release of another book.

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  6. Robbie, I have no fear at all that you’re slowing down! Good luck with your latest children’s book!

    I’m still laughing at your husband’s reaction to your choice of word for the year – and fear my family would do just the same! I love your poem and can identify with so many elements within this. Hours doing one’s hair – why?! Even my wedding shoes barely had a heel!

    Seriously, I love your choice for the year and wish you new-found experiences and epiphanies within 12 months of patience!

    Although not part-taking officially with a word for the year I’ve ‘unofficially’ settled for a year of trust, in as in my ability, my work, life … I’ll see how it goes! I stopped making resolutions etc last year!

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    1. Hi Annika, I am glad we are birds of a feather. I like to be neat and streamlined, it suits my nature. Trust is a good word, there is a big decrease in trust in the word. People don’t trust governments, NGOs, corporates, or the media. It’s a sad state of affairs.

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  7. My mind is always several steps ahead of reality, Robbie. “Patient” is a constant companion word to remind me. It’s not that I have it, but it reminds me of something I fight against it.

    I love your fun poem, something I can relate. Congrats on your new book!

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  8. well done robbie – ad have to smile with the flats and pulled back braid – because other things are more important – hahaha

    and the funny thing is that you seem like you have so much patience and so I was surfed to read the poem and reveal that side of you

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    1. Hi Yvette, thank you for visiting and commenting. I have loads of patients for my artwork and writing, but I have a lot less towards work colleagues and work issues. It is because I like to get my work done asap so that I can move on to other things I like more. This is a truth!

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  9. I am delighted that you chose a word for 2022. Patience is an excellent focus word and I know, from personal experience, that this word will come to you at unexpected times, usually when it is most needed. This year, my word is “acceptance” which was a natural evolvement from my 2021 year word “reconciliation” and my 2020 word, “resilience.” My 2022 word came to me when I was reading this quote by Lao Tzu: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” Did you notice and patience and acceptance have a high co-relationship?

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    1. Hi Rebecca, you are correct, patience and acceptance do have a high correlation and maybe that is why I chose this word for this year. You actually played a pivotal role in my choice of word. I have come to accept that I will remain in my day job for the next 5 years at least. This is something I have tossed about for the last 5 years. Being indecisive and unsure about what I wanted led to a lack of patience with people who wanted to learn from me [not terrible as I am not an unkind person, but I could have done better]. How you came in is that you hosted a podcast about mentoring. When I listened to it, I felt slightly ashamed of my internal lack of patience with youngsters and I decided I could do better. PS I have written a telephone directory for you on your latest podcast [haha]

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      1. I am looking forward to our 2022 journey together. Acceptance for me is to know that I am fully present in the now, that I accept what is, knowing that we are in state of impermanence. There are many times that I could have used more finesse, more compassion. Instead, my answers were quick rather than given after a moment’s reflection. Once words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. Apologies and forgiveness are wonderful outcomes. While the other person may have long forgotten the exchange – for me the memory remains. This again, is when I look to the word acceptance of what was so that I can more on to do better. I enjoy our conversations, Robbie. And I loved the discussion points with Shey and Dave!!!

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    1. Hi Dan, thank you. I wasn’t going to publish any more children’s books because they are difficult to market on-line and the artwork is a lot of effort. I can’t help myself when it comes to the artwork and seeing as I’d done it all, it made sense to go ahead and create the book. Maybe in person book events will start opening up this year.

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  10. I can be patient with some things, but not others, Robbie. I’m pleased you are patient and willing enough to accept failure.
    I enjoyed your poem. It tells us just what the situation is.
    Congratulations on the release of your new book. It looks just as delightful as the others. The cover and verse together make a great teaser.

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  11. I love that so many have chosen a word for the year in the blogging world. It’s something I’ve done for years and always find it inspiring and a good reminder throughout the year. Patience is not easy to have when a plate is always full, as is yours. I wish you much success with practicing a slower pace, Robbie. Be patient with yourself, too.

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    1. Hi Jan, thank you, I am patient with my sons and some aspects of my life. It is work and colleagues I am most impatient with because I want to get done so I have my evenings free for other things. I am trying to find patience through acceptance that some disasters are inevitable.

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      1. Hi Jacqui, I am planning a short blog tour, but I haven’t set the dates yet. I’ll get it sorted out this week. January/February is a difficult time of year for me as work is so busy so I’m a little disorganized. I will let you know the dates but you don’t need to coincide with the tour, whenever you have the time is perfect.

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  12. Beautiful, Robbie! I am so far away from patience, As older i become my second name is impatience. 😉 Congrats to the new book, another great figurines. The bulldog remembers me somehow on Pete’s Ollie. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the wonderful poem and the information, Robbie! Have a beautiful weekend! xx Michael

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    1. Hi Barbara, I am patient if I can see a person is trying. Then I have a lot of time for them. Lots of youngsters don’t seem to know that learning and improvement require personal effort and I find that attitude irritating which makes me impatient.

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  13. Hi Robbie, oh you and Micheal have written a new book that is great.

    I love your poem on patients is so funny – love it. really ever verse so funny.

    I can picture you! have a great week a head.

    I usually choose a word , do vision boards etc, but this year no words , no vision board. but I do have an Aim for the year so a quitetly and purposely move forward with that.

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    1. HI Bella, having a goal is great. I always have goals and a word is a new thing for me. My firm has suggested we all pick a word to work towards this year which is what prompted this decision. I am far less patient at work than at home.

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  14. I think I’m cut out of the same impatient cloth, Robbie, if your poem is any indication! ‘But it’s so slow,” I shriek conceitedly’–my favorite line…have you been listening to me from across the ocean? LOL! Whether you actually achieve patience, at least you recognize the problem in your WOTY choice. Good for you 🙂

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  15. Robbie.
    Patience is something I’ve had to aquire slowly. First it was the good news of finding out our niece was pregnant with twins, then the hubby retiring early (so my insurance is a tad different for a few months until I turn 65… ), We are getting some house repairs and have to clear out a very crowded living room… The repairs are due mid march, but I’ve been packing up pretty much since the new year began. And then there were the blankets I was working on for the twins… they are 99.95% complete. I have to tie off the endings and wash them – and may not even gift them until that family visits in April… Which by then I hope to have my living room back in order… I haven’t really chosen a word for the year.

    I suppose though that I am content to wait for spring, even though it has been a cold winter. I do like some period of time without insects!

    I enjoyed both your poems… Continued success with all your goals! Cheers, Jules


    1. HI Jules, you are certainly very busy getting all these things done. Everything takes time, especially handcrafts. My mom is a big knitter but I’ve never been a fan. I knit to tightly and it ruins the pattern. I am a very good sewer and used to make dresses for my dolls. I also do embroidery and applique.

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