Robbie’s Inspiration: Book Review – The Doll by Laura Daleo

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In the wake of Jenna Hess’ sudden death, Jeremy Dillon is devastated. His only hope of easing the pain lies in alcohol…until he meets The Dollmaker.

Meet CR1XY, the Dollmaker’s Elite doll, created especially for Jeremy. But is she?

My review

The Doll by [Laura Daleo]

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The Doll is based on the concept of humanoids with artificial intelligence who are capable of perfectly imitating human behaviour and emotions. Jeremy has recently lost his fiancé in a car accident. He is wracked by guilt about Jenna’s death because he asked her to drive to his home late at night, knowing she was tired. The fact that he asked her to do this is an early indication of Jeremy’s character which is a bit spoiled and selfish. Jeremy has a successful career as a restorer of properties which he acquires at good prices due to their run-down states, and sells at significant profits.

Jeremy is wallowing in self pity and has started drinking heavily when he is approached by a man in a bar and given a card for The Dollmaker who, the stranger assures him, can help him overcome his grief. He decides to go ahead and make contact with the company and is introduced to the idea of replacing Jenna with a doll. The doll has artificial intelligence and will be capable of interacting with the outside world in the same way as a human would. It will be programmed as a replica of his dead fiancé, although it would be built to look a bit different so as not to raise unnecessary questions. Jeremy will pass the doll off as his new girlfriend.

Jeremy orders the doll, an expensive piece of electronic equipment, based on the specs he is given by the company. It did require a bit of suspension of belief to accept that a young man would actually think he could replace his girlfriend with a machine and, having received the humanoid, almost immediately substitute his affection for his real life girlfriend with affection for a doll.

The humanoid that Jeremy receives is not a run-of-the-mill specimen. Carley has a greater ability than the other humanoid dolls to make decisions based on her experiences and learnings. She has unusual physical strength and abilities and has more human-like emotions. Jeremy quickly becomes devoted to Carley, the doll, and when it becomes apparent that people are hunting for her, he choses to oppose them and behaves as if Carley is a real person.

The story is entertaining, if a little unbelievable, and the idea of a humanoid like Carley is rather thrilling. Jeremy comes across as a bit wishy-washy and overly reliant on Carley to make any decisions and find ways to protect them both.

I think this concept is to complex for a novella and needs a longer book to develop the ideas more fully, both in the context of storyline and from a character development point of view.

A fun and quick read which will be enjoyed by readers who like a fast-paced plot with less characterisation and detail.

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37 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration: Book Review – The Doll by Laura Daleo

  1. The premise is intriguing, Robbie, and honestly, I don’t think humanoid dolls are that far in the future (though we’re probably a long way off from anything close to human behavior). Overall, it sounds like a good read despite a few challenges. 🙂

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  2. People are already buying humanoid robotic dolls in Japan, and living openly with them. A few years ago, we had the film ‘Ex Machina’, where a young scientist falls in love with a robotic girlfriend. It is nothing new, in that respect, but might well be the future for lonely people in years to come.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Robbie, I’m taken with the concept and wide-ranging themes and ideas behind ‘The Doll’. There is so much to explore in a book like this and can see why this would work much better as a full-length novel. Still I’m intrigued and will keep it in mind! A terrific and wide-ranging review!

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