Robbie’s Inspiration – A few more rocks

I recently share a few of my fossils. Today, I would share a few more items from my rock collection.

This is Aroganite

I think it is interesting that aroganite is the mineral found in pearls. If you want to learn more about aroganite you can do so here:

This is another fossil, it is very pretty.
This is a pyrite sun

Pyrite Suns are found in coal mines near Sparta, Illinois USA. You can learn more about them here:

I don’t know the name of this stone. If you know, please share in the comments. It is rather lovely.
This is black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is believed to have healing powers and provide protection.

Wishing all my USA friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.

83 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – A few more rocks

  1. The unknown one us clearly fossilised popcorn. You’re very welcome… apparently if you rub it near any electrical device it will interfere with the signal and make watching a film for instance a teeth grinding experience

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  2. Hi Robbie, your collection is beautiful and I love learning the spiritual meanings of rocks. I especially like the pyrite sun. The only thing I can add to this is a necklace and earring set I have made of rose quartz. 🙂 Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. It was a lovely day. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Hi Mick, thank you, I appreciate your adding to my knowledge of these stones. Now that you’ve said it, sand dollar does ring a bell. That stone had a label but it has somehow become lost. I never knew what the other stone was, but it does look like quarts. I like the popcorn pattern.

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  3. Some of your commenters know a lot about rocks. Pyrite is the only rock I’m familiar with because it was referred to as “Fool’s Gold.”

    Nothing else to share except that we had a very nice Thanksgiving with family. Thanks for the good wishes, Robbie!

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    1. Hi Marian, I am very happy to know you had a good Thanksgiving. I didn’t know the Sun Pyrite was called fool’s gold. I have a rather large stone that is called fool’s gold. It does shine in the same way but it doesn’t have the shape or pattern of the Sun Pyrite.


  4. Gorgeous stones! I have to agree on the fossilized popcorn. At first I thought it might be apophyllite, but it doesn’t fit the description 100%. It is unusual! The pyrite sun is stunning! Thank you for sharing, Robbie!

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      1. we did have a nice day with family. and I kept yesterday’s post relatively short.

        I’m hearing about this new coronavirus variant in South Africa – I hope you and your family stay healthy…

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      2. Hi Jim, Omicron is already in Israel, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, Belgium and Czech, so it is not really a SA variant. It didn’t originate from here either. A bit like the Spanish flu which didn’t originate from Spain.


  5. Wow, I love your collection Robbie. I have two beaded black tourmaline bracelets I wear all the time for protection. Some of those fossils have amazing markings! The white one I’ve never seen before. Is it possible it could be something coral-like from the ocean? Also, I’d never heard of aroganite, another beautiful stone. Thanks for sharing these. Hugs xx – And stay safe!!!!

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    1. Hi Debby, thank you. We are not in any immediate danger having gone into a mini lockdown as soon as the Omicron news broke. You too stay safe as it appears to be everywhere already. SA is just the first place to identify it according to today’s news. I’m glad you like the rocks. That white one is definitely not coral. I have coral and it has a very different texture.

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  6. That white fossils of stones may be crystal or dry ice.I have seen that on Himalaya Mountain and Guys of Kashmir make a locket for garlands or a garland with those fossils stone.I bought a locket in a chain from market of Shrinagar.most beautiful,it is.amazing post ,my dear!!

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