Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet, Lauren Scott, and a review

Today, I am delighted to feature poet and blogger, Lauren Scott, as my Treasuring Poetry guest. Lauren has recently published a delightful book, More than Coffee, Memories in Verse and Prose and I have shared my review. Thank you for hosting us, Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

Today, I am delighted to introduce poet and blogger, Lauren Scott. I met Lauren recently through another blogging friend and I am delighted by her beautiful poetry and posts about hiking adventures with her husband.

Take it away, Lauren.

Which of your own poems is your favorite?

I narrowed it down to two favorites: “Simple Existence” and “To My Babies.”

Simple Existence

I stare at this page, milk white as the

blanketed ground in winter’s staging.

Where are the syllables?


I fear they have flown to faraway places,

across desert dunes and boundless oceans

and might not return so that I may tell him

(again) how irreplaceable he is.


Instead, I’ll touch his lips with mine

and steady myself in the arms of a man

who is satisfied with my simple existence.

To My Babies

You are a new bloom in our family garden,

too little to…

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39 thoughts on “Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet, Lauren Scott, and a review

  1. Thanks again, Robbie, for your wonderful review and for featuring me on both of your blogs. I truly appreciate your support, and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my memories in More than Coffee. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recently finished Lauren’s book. I know this poem, and have read it a few times.
    I’ll head over to the blog site, and I should visit Lauren!
    I will be doing a review, also!
    I quite enjoyed her book.

    Liked by 2 people

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