Robbie’s Inspiration – Voting for the Halloween gingerbread smackdown is open

Voting for the Halloween gingerbread smackdown is open and that means you need to head on over and vote. There are some excellent entries.

You can vote here:

This is my entry:

Happy Holiday Halloween Hextravaganza

Close up of the caravan, Count Sugular, his witchy wife and their baby in a coffin
Windmill with bat
Here is the complete scene including the sea monster with a duckie safety belt in the cracked mud pool

91 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Voting for the Halloween gingerbread smackdown is open

      1. OH yes, our average day time temperature is 23 C in the winter. It drops to below freezing overnight for a few weeks of the year, but we rarely get frost where I live and I’ve only seen snow twice during my lifetime in Johannesburg.


  1. Very creative—-As was the List! I think I’ve voted for your entry twice but I had to vote for Creepy Critters (I think it was) before the page would turn to get to yours.

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      1. Ginger clay…is it edible? I’d be interested in what it is too. I’ll never be a baker but the Offspring likes baking every now and then.


      2. Oh, but I have watched The Gods Must Be Crazy – it is very famous here. Australians and South Africans do share similarities in lifestyles and other things, that is why Australia is such a popular immigration destination. All my cousins on my father’s side live in Perth.

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      3. Oh! -giggles- I should have known. And you’re so right about the similarities between our two countries. I ended up watching the Gods again yesterday, and I marvelled at how familiar the landscape felt. If you guys ever decide to emigrate – I hope you come to Melbourne. 😀

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