Robbie’s Inspiration – Father William, Alice in Wonderland and a sneak peak

I was having a FB messenger chat to my blogging friend, Danny Kemp, recently, about the ‘joys’ of getting older. That conversation reminded me of Father William, a poem written by Lewis Carol and included in Alice in Wonderland.

I decided to record this poem as a tribute to my mom who turns 83 on Thursday, all my friends and family who are getting on a little, and to the young at heart and not remotely elderly author, Danny Kemp, who entertains us with his thrilling books and FB jokes.

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, it is my favourite children’s books and my 1950’s vintage copies of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are among my prize possessions. I also have a beautiful collectors item copy my mom gave to me when Michael was born.

Here are a few of the illustrations from my vintage copies:

Father William balancing an eel on his nose
First page of my 1950 Alice in Wonderland
First page of my 1950 Through the Looking Glass
Illustration from my collectors item Alice in Wonderland

Here is a sneak peak at my gingerbread windmill. This is part of my #GreatBakingProject which will be unveiled on Sunday.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful week. I am not providing a Michael update yet as I have been feeling rather upset about it all recently. We see the doctor again on Friday and I’ll hopefully feel better after that visit.


75 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Father William, Alice in Wonderland and a sneak peak

    1. HI Jim, Alice in Wonderland always captured my imagination. It was a favourite book. I also loved The Secret Garden. My mom bought me this collectors item book and my dad bought me Heidi. Terence buys me lots of books. I have a great family.

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  1. I really enjoyed your introduction to Alice in the Wonderland, Roberta, and I very much agree with Alice, who says that one doesn’t like changing so often, because I think that even though changes may be positive, they may ask for a lot of energy!

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  2. Oh, oh, “Father William” was one of my favorite poems when I was little! I pestered my dad to read it on a regular basis. And of course, I begged Daddy to undertake Father William acrobatics.

    I remember hurling Alice through the Looking Glass across my bedroom when I was in third or fourth grade. I thought it was incredibly stupid–but I have no idea why.

    I hope you get a good report from Michael’s doctor on Frdiay.

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    1. HI Liz, that is interesting to know. I enjoyed this poem but was captivated by the caucus race. I used to build a caucus race for my boys using my African beaded animals and putting them in a circle for them to run around. Such fun! I never read Through the Looking Glass as a girl. The library didn’t have it.

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  3. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite story, Robbie. Happy birthday to your mom who turns 83 on Thursday. The gingerbread windmill looks great. Looking forward to your announcement of the new Sir Chocolate book.
    When we went to Solvang, a Dutch town on the west coast of California, I wanted to make sure to take photos of the windmill because I could get a good windmill photo when we went to Amsterdam.

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    1. HI Miriam, I am glad you enjoyed this post. I constructed the windmill from a template to make a wooden windmill. I am glad it worked out so well. I also love windmills, but then I like all interesting buildings. Have a great Wednesday, Miriam.


  4. I love how you read Father William! You have such a great reading voice. I do hope the visit to the doctor will make you feel better. As a mom, I understand how worrying this must be. Sending hugs and positive vibes your way.

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      1. I read it in a Victoria Monsters seminar, where it was read as we looked at the notion of a Horrorscape (where everything goes against what you know).

        I remember reading The Hobbit as well, though that was after college.

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  5. Happy Birthday to your mum with the lovely tribute here. I do enjoy Lewis Carroll’s “backwards” interpretation of things; there is wisdom in his Alice in Wonderland.

    You will probably feel like doing back-flips and a somersault when you hear good news from the doctor on Friday. Hugs and prayers to you, Robbie!

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  6. Wow to the gingerbread windmill. Making me cakeish and it’s barely 9 here. Hope the update re Michael is better. Fingers crossed anyway. I think I’ll go and remind myself of the Jabberwocky and have a little gyre and gimbal in the corner…

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  7. It’s lovely to see your classic edition of Alice, Robbie. I remember receiving a copy of Alice for my tenth birthday and being chastised by my older sister for telling my mother I didn’t like it. What a horrible child I was! 😂

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  8. I had a similar-looking copy of the first book, with colour illustrations. It would have been around 1959, and was given to me as a gift on my birthday. Sadly, I lost it over the years during one of the many moves.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. Happy birthday to your mum, Robbie, who must be congratulated on having a daughter with so many talents. I have never read this book nor have I heard this poem before. Of course, I’m a stranger to aging, even so, I enjoyed Father William being read in such a lovely reading voice. Thank you for thinking of me.

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  10. I loved Alice in Wonderland as a girl. I’m not sure where my copy got to but it was quite worn after I read it so many times! I love your vintage copy, including the lovely illustrations in it.

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