Raising Bookworms – The importance of teachers

My Growing Bookworms article this month is about the importance of teachers. My boys have had the most wonderful teachers and I know a lot of fantastic and dedicated teachers through my blog. This is a tribute to all those wonderful people. Thank you, Kaye Lynne Booth, for hosting me.

Writing to be Read

The schools in South Africa are racing towards the end of a year fraught with lockdowns, illness and death. My sons have been on-line for long periods twice this year and many of the students have suffered the losses of friends, parents, grandparents, and other important people in their lives. Seeing how happy my sons are to be back at school and watching them forge ahead with their school work as their teachers valiantly try to reteach material and principles that were taught on-line and which the boys have failed to grasp properly, makes me feel more appreciative of their teachers than ever.

Gregory finishes school today. It is his last day of a 14-year journey and it is all rather emotional for the boys and teaches. His preliminary examinations went very well and he achieved an average of 92% for all 7 of this subjects including AP maths. This…

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29 thoughts on “Raising Bookworms – The importance of teachers

  1. I love how many people around the world are getting to know and love Jennie the teacher. I would not be who I am without wonderful teachers. They can supply so much sometimes missing at home.

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  2. A wonderful article, Robbie and I completely agree with you teachers are the pillars of strength for children. They add so much value to them and my mother used to be a teacher and today my daughter too is a counsellor and works for an International School. Great post.

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  3. Teachers changed the direction of my life at the age of 11, in 1963. They made me everything I am today, and whatever I have been during my life. The best teachers are priceless, and we need more like them. Shared both posts on Twitter, Robbie.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Wow, 92% for his subjects, including AP maths is excellent ~ Congratulations, Gregory! Dedicated, caring teachers can make such a difference. One of my first teachers was an author and inspired me to pursue my dreams – I was not even in grade 3 yet!

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    1. Hi Christy, that is wonderful. I never had a teacher who was an author although one of Greg’s English teachers is a writer and his book is one of their setwork books. I never even thought about writing as a career when I was at school. Authors seemed like the untouchables right up high in the academic and literary world far above me.

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  5. Congratulations, Gregory! Your hard work and accomplishments should be celebrated. Teachers play an important role, and they work hard. Nothing is better than watching students grow, learn, and succeed.

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