Some news

It has been an exceptionally long week.

There wasn’t much corporate activity during the winter months while South Africa battled a third wave of covid. This was a good thing for me as my dad’s illness and Michael’s poor health and first operation in June challenged my resilience. My colleague and I used this time to prepare the regulatory training for the firm and to consider the impact of new regulations on our product offering.

In mid September, there was a sudden increase in activity among our clients and we have been flat out for over three weeks. I like to be busy but trying to do six months of work in just two months is a bit excessive. I am expecting to be overworked for the rest of this year.

Anyhow, despite being frantically busy, there have been a few nice book happenings recently.

My book won the Rave Reviews Book Club Best Book Cover Contest which is very exciting. Thank you to everyone who voted for A Ghost and His Gold, I appreciate you.

I was invited to submit some of my poems and extracts from my books to Diverse TV Writings on the Wall Europe hosted by Alexandro Botelho.

Here is Alexandro reading my poem, My Colour Palette of Dreams, from Open a new door, a collection of poems:

Here is Alexandro’s reading of my poem, The I, from Poetry Treasures anthology:

Have a lovely weekend.

99 thoughts on “Some news

  1. I’ve been a big fan of your cover as soon as I saw it, Robbie. I can see why it was picked. I was going to wish some downtime for you when you get the chance, but I know blogging, reading, and writing are your downtime. Take care!

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    1. Hi Pete, I do enjoy blogging, reading, and writing. I am working on my baking project too. I thought I would have to work this weekend, but some things have been delayed. I’m glad because I get tired when I have to work weekends as well at very intense week days.

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    1. Hi Toni, having Dad and Michael ill this winter has worn me down. If found it very draining. Dad seems better now and Michael is improving so I’m hoping things will be a bit better from him going forward. We see the doctor again on Tuesday.

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  2. Sending good thoughts your way to get through the next few tough months. Congratulations on your winning cover! (I’ve thought from the beginning that it’s one of the best covers I’ve ever seen.) Congratulations also on having your poems read on Diverse TV Writings on the Wall Europe. “The I” is an excellent, hard-hitting poem. I consider it one of your best.

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  3. Wow, talk about the ups and the downs. I have my fingers crossed that Michael is improving and your dad is stable. What awesome news about your cover and your poetry. I hope things at work don’t get too busy that you don’t get some “me time” that we all need. Congrats on all your successes, Robbie. 😁🤞🎉

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    1. Hi Carla, thank you so much. I hope we get good news about Michael when we see the doctor next week. I was thrilled about winning the book cover prize and I am pleased to be part of Diverse TV’s Writings on the Wall. Everything helps when it comes to spreading the word about books.

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  4. Robbie, I’m so happy for your winning for your cover! Congrats to you. Honestly, I don’t know how you do everything. And your poem was beautiful. I hope your son is on the mend. Hugs xx

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  5. I worry about you, Robbie, with all you have going on. I hope you get opportunities to do a little self-care while you care for others and handle crazy work requirements. And awesome news on your book cover award and on the selection of two of your poems. How amazing to listen to them read. Congrats. Take care, my friend.

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  6. Wonderful news Robbie on winning the prize for best cover! I hope you dad is doing much better and that Michael’s visit to the doctor goes well .. though it may have passed. Remember to take time to breath and smell the coffee.

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