Gregory’s first book

My oldest son, Gregory, is in his final two weeks of high school. He did very well academically this year and was recently awarded Academic Honours by his school. This is a difficult accolade to achieve as it entails obtaining an aggregate for all 8 subjects of over 85% for six consecutive school terms and six consecutive sets of school examinations.

He has a “Pre-prep survivors” cocktail party this week for boys who have been at the school since grade 000 (aged 4). There are only 10 boys out of 150 who have spent 14 years at St Johns College.

While I was digging through my memories to find two photos of Greg in these early grades, I came across the first book he ever wrote. He was 8 years old at the time and it is so sweet.

Isn’t this just the nicest keepsake!

110 thoughts on “Gregory’s first book

    1. HI Elizabeth, I have a huge suitcase full of all the things my sons did and created when they were small. It has a lot of their artwork in it too. A lovely trip down memory late to poke about in it. They were so sweet and adorable. Now they are big and adorable.

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    1. Hi Liz, I have no idea why there are so many staples. Greg is a bit like that. He is a perfectionist. In his first year of school the teacher sent home a maths extension book for him to work through over the course of the year. I will never forget him sitting on the floor in the kitchen while I cooked, doing maths for a solid four hours every day until the book was finished in three days. Such a funny little boy.

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      1. Oh, my goodness!! In my first year of school, my first F was on a math quiz, and I stuffed it down a sewer grate on the way home because I was so ashamed. (New Math was not my friend.)

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      2. Gregory is a maths fiend, Liz. He achieved 100% for this core maths paper and 92% for additional maths. I would never have achieved such high marks for maths. Strangely, his least favourite subject is English which was my favourite subject at school.


      1. Having THREE VERY GROWN SONS,I know exactly what you mean. Mine are 61, 59 and 53…How did that happen?! (Take care of yourself. You’ve had a lot of problems of late…Hugs xx)

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  1. I hope cricket has remained important, but it sounds as if academic studies have replaced the ‘toys’ in a big way. Congratulations to Gregory and a very proud Mum.

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      1. I expect the game will be there if Gregory ever feels the urge to play but to do well in an academic life one has to dedicate oneself in a far greater manner than knocking a leather ball about. But who knows, one day I may read of a maiden triple century scored by a G. Cheadle on his debut test match for South Africa against England……….Hopefully, England went on to win.

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  2. Congratulations to Gregory. That’s a wonderful achievement. You must be extremely proud of him. You should be proud of yourself too, since it shows what a wonderful job you’ve done helping him grow up. Also, that’s lovely you still have his first ever book.

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  3. What a beautiful keepsake, Robbie. Such gorgeous memories to treasure. I hope Gregory has a lovely cocktail party. He deserves it, for sure! Congratulate him on my behalf. You must be so proud! ♥

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  4. Wow, Robbie what wonderful discovery and just when you needed it… Its beautiful. Congratulate Greg on his academic achievements I am sure he will enjoy his cocktail party.. what a lovely idea to celebrate the achievements of the ones who have worked so hard throughout their school lives… A beautiful to treasure Hugs x

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  5. This book is a treasure! The fact that Gregory is 10 out of 150 to be at his school the whole way through, and to make academic honors, is a tremendous accomplishment. You should be one proud Mama. Congratulations to Gregory

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