Autumn With An Author : Robbie Cheadle

I am over at Valentina Expressions, hosted by talented designer and author, Valentina Cirasola, for her Autumn with an Author series of posts. Thank you for hosting me, Valentina.

Valentina Expressions

Books by Roberta Cheadle

  1. Words have power. When did you realize you could use the power of words in your own book to tell people your opinion, feelings, ideas or fantasy?

I have always been a keen reader. I started reading at the fairly young age of four years old and have never stopped. I always had a leaning towards books that were dark and realistic in their messaging, for example, at ten I read The Stand by Stephen King, about a pandemic that runs rampant and leaves only a handful of surviving humans of varying natures, demographics, and backgrounds.

To answer your question, because of my reading I think an understanding of the power of words was intuitive for me. I always liked to write and wrote, what I thought at the time, were beautiful descriptive poems and words from the age of twelve. In my first year out…

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25 thoughts on “Autumn With An Author : Robbie Cheadle

    1. Hi Kerfe, thank you. I have always been a focus [and obsessive] person. My husband says my obsessions have changed over the years but not my basic nature. Fortunately, he is an independent and calm soul who doesn’t mind my lifestyle.

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  1. Wow! A superlative interview, Robbie and it’s great to learn more about your, your writing and books! As Valentina says, you are indeed a fascinating woman!

    Finally, I had no idea some people didn’t choose names until the end of books … that wouldn’t work for me either! I like to wonder around churchyards seeking inspirational names.

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    1. Hi Annika, thank you for your lovely comment. I don’t seem myself as anything other than ordinary so I am very flattered. Getting names from graveyards does work, but we don’t have that many here compared to the UK. Every church and village in the UK has a graveyard and there are so many old and fascinating graves.

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  2. Excellent interview, Robbie. I especially like when you say that you hope people will continue to learn from the past. Sometimes people say to me why do you keep remembering your past, but I truly think there are many lessons to learn from it. Your words, therefore, hit home with me. Wishing you continued success with your writing!

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