At the Bar with Robbie Cheadle – SoCS

I am over at the bar with Dan Antion from No Facilities blog having a chat about writing and poetry. Dan Antion has a lovely blog with lots of interesting information and photographs. Dan also hosts the popular Thursday Doors challenge. Do go over and have a look around.

No Facilities

Welcome to the bar at No Facilities. We have a special guest with us today, so I’ll add the necessary disclaimer. Although I am writing this in an SoC style, as we try to handle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness prompt, quite a bit of planning was required.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘drive.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer you would be eager to meet our guest.

“Where is she, Dan?”

“She’ll be here soon, David, she’s coming from South Africa, it’s not like she can hop in the car and drive.”

“Are you guys having a guest today?”

“Yes, Skippy. Roberta Cheadle will be joining us shortly.”

“Wasn’t she here when you had that party? I hope this isn’t another day like that, that ran me ragged.”

“Skippy, a two-beer order on the patio…

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32 thoughts on “At the Bar with Robbie Cheadle – SoCS

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this interview. ‘Sudden death’ sounds like a beautiful poem. It resonated with me. I liked the title of your upcoming poetry book ‘Behind Closed Doors.’ All the best Robbie for all your writing endeavors.

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  2. It’s a fantastic post, Robbie. I loved to learn about the background to the poem Sudden Death, even though the stories are all so tragic and sad. Thanks for sharing what poetry means to you and for talking about your future projects as well. Good luck with your dystopian series and with the poetry book. ♥

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