#Bookreview – Dead of Winter: Journey 4, The Old Road

What Amazon says

Previously, Journey 3, The Fever Field left Emlyn on the run. Will the Society of Deae Matres be willing to help? After all, in Journey 1, they rejected her father’s plea to take her away.

Journey 4, The Old Road features Boabhan, the Society’s most enigmatic adherent. Emlyn finds herself in another kind of danger when the archvillain from the prologue of Journey 1, Forlorn Peak returns to the story in this installment. Plus, she still has not outrun the Brethren.

Meanwhile, Emlyn isn’t the only one at risk. This Journey finds many of our friends in harm’s way. This Journey is notably longer than the others. Some parts of the story needed to be told together, in one volume. Come, be a part of the Journeys of Dead of Winter.

My review

The fourth journey in the Dead of Winter kicks off with an exciting prologue which features an important reflection by the ancient Haldis about the ‘binding’. This is an important concept in this book and it is essential to read the prologue with careful consideration. The prologue also tells about Haldis’ sister, Eriu, who is doomed to suffer for centuries. I was left wondering whether Eriu was linked to the red-headed Boabhan who is a central character to this particular journey.

I ended my review of Journey 3 wondering if more would be revealed about the mysterious and beautiful Boabhan and in this fourth journey the reader does learn a lot more about her and her young sidekick/adoptive son, Hallgeir.

Journey 4 also brings Emlyn’s tutor, Osabide, back into the tale in a rather interesting and extraordinary way. The scenes involving Osabide are tense and filled with anxious action. More about Osabide and her earlier life is also revealed in this exciting journey.

The overall tension is upped significantly in this episode, with the white wolf making a re-appearance as a guide to both Osabide and Emlyn. There are preparations for potential defense of the group by the male members and this causes Emlyn some concerns.

A new goddess is also introduce and Emlyn has a strange and unexpected encounter with her which adds to the mystery and leaves the reader wondering about what lies ahead for Emyln and the group of Deas Matres she is travelling with.

This series is shaping up into an exciting story with all the mystery and charm of The Chronicles of Narnia.

You can listen to my review and a short extract from this book here:

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64 thoughts on “#Bookreview – Dead of Winter: Journey 4, The Old Road

    1. It’s lovely to meet you here, Elizabeth. Robbie is right that it is darker than my usual highly whimsical fiction. The whimsy is still there, but it’s presented in a more serious way, LOL. The story was actually born from a darker time in my life, a difficult transition of career and location.
      The “Journeys” are novelette-sized and published monthly.
      Thanks for taking time to visit today. Hugs on the wing!

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  1. I’m also enjoying this series so much, Robbie. I finished Journey 5 and Teagan leaves us with a BIG hook. I applaud your review – there are so many characters in this series, and so much going on, that not everyone could explain the story as well as you do. Definitely it’s full of “mystery and charm,” as you describe. I wrote a review (5 stars) for Journey 5 on Amazon but they haven’t shown it yet on the Amazon website. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are so kind, Pam — heartfelt thanks. I treasure your reviews. I know that one is on Goodreads. A lot of the reviews I do never show up at Amazon…
      LOL, I admit that’s quite a cliffhanger ending Journey 5. I’m trying to get back on schedule with the sixth installment. 🙂 Hugs on the wing!

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      1. Thank you very much, for keeping up on this famous serial, Teagan! I enjoy it very much, even i am recognising how many vocables i had lost over 10 years not practising the English language. xx Enjoy a wonderful weekend! Michael

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Robbie! The weather condition had become a little bit better. Sun is out, but temperatures only around 17 degrees. Its “Bavarian Siberia” here. 😉 Definitely a fascinating series, by Teagan. A very good choice publishing it in parts. xx Michael

        Liked by 2 people

  2. An excellent review, Robbie. You do a nice job with these… giving a glimpse into the story without giving anything away. I’m enjoying the Journeys too and love it that they’re picking up the action as we get to know the world and characters. Congrats to Teagan!

    Liked by 1 person

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